Hi everyone , My name is lila Kayal, I’m a mother of two children & Wife of My husband N.K.Kayal. I’m cooking for very long time. LemonHoneyRecipes.com is kitchen hacks blog.

It was my son’s (Mr.Somnath Kayal) idea to comes in the  digital space & share my recipe tips with the world. I also read many popular recipe & kitchen bloggers blog post & see their videos. Most of them are so much passionate to not only cook new recipes but they also create recipes & share with world. 

Thanks for cumming on my blog, if you have any new recipes idea fell free to share with me, I will create the recipes, will give the recipe credit to you.


Check It Out.


Check It Out.


Check It Out.

My story

The affiliate contents and researches on kitchenware are done by my son Somnath Kayal. The artcles are also written & edited by son; Yes the recipe ideas were mine. I just give instruction to Somnath & he describe it on this blog

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