AKDY Range Hood Reviews With Installation Guide-2020

Akdy Range Hood Reviews

The AKDY is the leading manufacturer of kitchen & bathroom appliances. Their famous kitchen appliances are island & wall mounted range hoods & kitchen faucets. AKDY range hoods are featured with a high-quality ventilation system to suck out odours and greases from the cooking places.

AKDY famous for producing island & wall mounted range hoods; Yes, they also have the under cabinet baffle filter kitchen hoods. But, they are famous for their 1st two types of products.

In this AKDY range hood reviews section, we will mainly focus on two core aspects the looks & functionality. Functional facets like suction power, filter types, durability, control panel, how many fans are there & lastly the noise level.

Who Should Buy AKDY Range Hood?

First of all, you need to hold our breath & analyze all the facets carefully, before selecting this brand for your kitchen. Most of the island & wall mounted range hoods are suitable for a larger kitchen. These vent hoods are directly installed on the ceiling, above the cook-tops.

If you have a budget for ductwork then it’s good; otherwise, AKDY exhaust hoods can be fully convertible to recirculating one, with charcoal filters. Wall-mounted & island range hoods with ductwork really enhance the functional proficiency & also increases the kitchen beauty.

Why Should You Choose AKDY Range Hood Models?

There are many range hood brands present in the market, But this brand is especially well known for its appearance.

Few AKDY range hood models also come with charcoal filter; exhaust for ductless ventilation present in the top portion of the chimney. So, if you have an open window near the cooking spot & if you place the exhausted mouth near the window; mostly you will save the duct budget.

In addition, the island range hood models with big kitchen space really enhance the kitchen beauty & purify the hustle environment.

Most of the kitchen hood products are comes with 3 years limited time period warranty.

AKDY Range Hoods Review:

1. AKDY Minimalist Designed RH-Series Wall Mount Hood

There are three models comes under these category RH0017, AK-RH0017 & RH0017/RH0406. These 3 models are professional-looking, deliver premium, modern metallic touches to your kitchen.

Whole-body is constructed with durable quality stainless steel. 1st model is black; 2nd one is brushed blacked & 3rd one is brushed bronze stainless steel colour.

The chimney is long enough with its extension. The pro looking chimney compatible with 8 to 8.5 ft ceilings. This exhaust-hood is also fully convertible to ductless; but, you have to purchase the carbon filter separately.

RH0017/RH0406 (product dimension is 32.6 x 22.05 x 16 inches) brushed bronze stainless steel colour range hood model is the most lighter in weight- 40.9 pounds. Other two are 43.4lb & 47.6lb respectively.


  • No push button; it’s all about the smooth sleek digital touch control panel.
  • AKDY RH00-series wall mounted range hood comes with 1.5A, 194 watts low noisy motor. 3 stage fan speed control to provide the right amount of suction facility for specific cooking. 
  • Any range hoods must have at least 150cfm suction power & for non-ducted it must be above 200cfm. But, thanks to the ADKY model it has 343cfm suction power, which is enough to pull out odours & greases from your hustle.
  • The duct vent is round-shaped, present at the portion, hides under the chimney extension.
  • Two silver shine baffle filters fully dishwasher safe & easy to clean.
  • Two power saving 1.5-watt round-shaped LED light are attached at the front bottom.


  • It’s featured with quite motor.
  • Noise level is 60db.
  • Modern appearance.
  • High suction power
  • Easy cleaning.


  • Costly.
  • Need to pay extra for the charcoal filter.

2. AKDY RH0467 36 inches Convertible Island Hood

If you are an aficionado towards the convertible island range hoods then RH0467 model can really impress you. It’s a 36″ flat base classy looking product, which made with ultra-durable stainless steel material.

Most interesting fact RH0467 is don’t likes other AKDY island kitchen hoods which are either pyramid-shaped or carved shaped, like a European style. But, here the appearance is completely different, two flat rectangle plates, the smaller shapes are placed on the big one. From distance view, it looks like a stair shaped.

The product dimension is  23.6″L x 35.2″W x 47.7″H, and Weight is 54.9lb. So, I hope you got an idea this king-size product need a relative larger kitchen; you might need extra support for installation.


Full body is brushed stainless steel finished & filters are mirror finished. High-grade heavy-duty stainless used for manufacturing this product.

This flat island hood has a high power 127-watt motor, the fan produces 299 cfm air suction capacity. In other words, it’s enough power to suck out all cooking contaminates, smokes, vaporize oil elements from cooking spots.

 RH0467 model is also featured with lustrous digital touch control panel. Three (3) stage fan speed control, provide us to adjust it as per our needs.

There are three baffle filter comes with the package, 100% dishwasher safe. The vent location is in the top portion & obviously it’s a convertible hood.


  • Carbon filter kit CF0011 comes with this model
  • High CFM capacity.
  • Produces 65db noise level, which is equal to the average human conversation noise level.
  • Effortless cleaning especially, you get relief from- pull out the grease elements from the bottom cracks.


  • Heavy in weight.
  • Installation is a bit more difficult.
  • Pricy.

3. AKDY RH0457 Tempered Glass Featured Wall Mount Hood

The RH0457 tempered glass range hood is really help you to enhance the hustle beauty. When I 1st time saw the product it was look like a light house on a curved base. The rectangular shaped chimney is slightly curved on edges; and, base portion is relatively wider as compared to the top portion.

 Stainless steel constructed exhaust hoods exterior portion is brushed finished. Top chimney extension is relatively brighter than the base portion. The bottom base portion (filters area) finished with shining silver color.  

RH0457 model is ideal for small & medium size kitchen. Product dimension- 18.5″L x 29.3″W x 30.4″H & weight is 32.6 pound & it’s a 30″ product.


It comes with a powerful robust motor with 210 CFM suction power. 3 stage fan speed control provides you to customize the suction intensity.

Two stainless steel baffle filter are extremely durable against scratches. It a fully convertible vent hood, carbon filter kit is included with the package.

Two LED bulbs on the front base gives you enough brighter lights; and also consume less electricity.

The tempered glass is not like an ordinary cheap & inexpensive one; you don’t find any green hues on the glasses.

The motor produces 60 DB noise, which is extremely quiet.

Hood control panel comes with 5 push button, one is for power control, one for light & rest 3 are for controlling the fan speed.


  • It’s an ETL certified product.
  • Price is cheaper as compared to the ADKY exhaust hoods.
  • The LED really provides you with super quality brighter lights.
  • Fully convertible, you don’t have to purchase the carbon filters.


  • 210 CFM is good, but, it’s lower as compared to other ADKY product.

4. AKDY RH0410 Wall Mount Island Shaped Convertible Hood

The RH0410 model is an another conspicuous & curved finished product from AKDY. Yes, this beautiful bold exterior with contemporary design not only enhance the kitchen elegancy; but, also comes with high functionality.

No matter whether you are an culinary artist or a regular hustle maker, this range hood model is perfect under budget solution for every kitchen. Most graceful looks here the premium quality tempered glass with curved shaped stylish black digital touch control panel

This wall mounts exhaust hood model ideal for any kitchen, whether it’s smaller or larger. The product measurement is 18.5″W x 29.3″L x 30.4″H & weight is 45pound; size 30 inches.


The exterior body is stainless steel maid with brush finish, No greenish hue appear on the tempered glass.

Stylish glossy touch panel really makes your life more easier, no need to fight for pulling out the greases from the button cracks.

Sturdy & quiet exhaust motor is relatively less noisy; and kitchen exhaust fan is also durable & noiseless. Three level venting speed control provides you enough flexibility, to adjust the suction intensity as per your needs.

Two stainless steel baffle filter is perfectly sucks all the cooking odors & smokes that comes from the cooking. It is also convertible to ductless, the filter kits (CF0014) are included.

When it comes to suction power, the RH0410 produces 217 CFM airflow, which is good.

Two LED light are placed on the two sides of the front base portion, which produces ample amount of brightness.


  • A minimalist effort is required for cleaning.
  • The quiet motor produces 60DB noise, which is awesome.
  • Aesthetic looks.
  • Carbon kits are included.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Smart touch control.
  • Comes under the budget-friendly price.


  • Suction power is relatively low.
  • RH0410  might not the perfect product high-ceiling spacious kitchen.

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The AKDY brand as dozens of kitchen hood products; but, only few models are available on Amazon. After doing this few selective AKDY range hood reviews, we got the best aspects of this brand are- aesthetic design, durable body construction, quiet motors, dishwasher friendly cleaning, etc.

All the hood models suction airflow is above 200cfm, which is definitely required for every kitchen hood. If you have a suspicious kitchen, then try to stick with island range hoods or high CFM range hood models.

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