Ayesha Curry Cookware Review- In May 2022.

The Ayesha Curry cookware sets have been the most popular brand in culinary fields for las few years.

They offer three different types of cooking equipment, including a range of enameled cast iron skillets and dutch ovens that are currently top sellers among their lineup!

“Brown Sugar” cookware cost comes under affordable price-range. At the same time, enameled cast iron skillets & dutch ovens tend not only to be durable but also create delicious food too.

These cookware products are perfect if you’re looking forward to preparing complex recipes like pot roast dinner tonight.

Over All Brief review On Ayesha curry cookware

  • These are budget friendly & giftable cooking sets.
  • All non stick cookware are entirely health safe product.
  • The skillets/pans & pots handles are joint rivetedly.
  • Except the cast iron & stainless steel cookware, rest of their pans & pots are non compatible for induction cooking.
  • Ayesha Curry’s all cookware are thermal safe till 500F; the lids are oven proof till 350F.
  • Most of these cooking sets are are designed to satisfy the needs of home culinary artists. So, if you have a small or mobile-restaurant, you can also use their product; especially the cast iron skillets.

Another interesting fact is- all of her cookware is constructed with entirely toxic free materials. Ayesha’s cooking sets are either porcelain ceramic coated, stainless steel & cast iron made.

Only the porcelain ceramic/ granite coated & anodized cookware are 100% health safe.

I have found that the cast-iron cooking culinary are the best cookware for home & commercial uses.

Here is the best picked Ayesha Curry cookware-

What Types Of Cookware Ayesha-Curry Manufacture?

As per the construction point of view, Ayesha curry manufactured three types of cooking sets. These are Enameled nonstick cookware, Cast iron & stainless steel cookware.

The “Home collection” nonstick & stainless steel sets have diamond stamp bottoms.

The diamond incepted cooking bottoms are best for baking & roasting recipes. Obliviously, you get an option to pick smooth bottom cookware if you need it.

The cast-iron skillets & dutch ovens come with colourful enamel coating. Consequently, you can use these sets for oil free cooking.

All nonstick sets (except the cast-iron) have a premium quality aluminum inner core layer.

That helps to save the foods from getting burned-on. Additionally, you get an efficient cooking performance.

Aspects Of Enameled Porcelain Nonstick Cookware:

Porcelain coating can be applied to any metal, whether it’s aluminum or cast-iron. The application of the enamel porcelain coating is significantly wider.

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It protects the cookware’s inner core metals from scratches & makes them more corrosion resistive.

Ayesha Curry applied the enameled coating on the cast iron cookware & aluminum once.

Moreover, the enameled porcelain is a kind of as same as the ceramic coating.

But, the manufacturing cost former one is much lower than the later one. That’s why you get home collection nonstick cooking sets at a cheaper price range.

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  • It’s a health safe nonstick coating.
  • The porcelain doesn’t release toxic fumes, even if the cookware gets overheated.
  • This coating is entirely toxin-free.
  • It prevents the mineral leaching on foods.


  • Too much overheating can create a crack in the layers.
  • The repairing cost is much higher.
  • A drop from a small height distance can ruin the cookware.

About Ayesha’s Cast-Iron Cookware:

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Ayesha Curry 6 Quart Enamel Cast Iron Casserole Dish/ Casserole Pan / Dutch Oven


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The cast-iron fry-pan, dutch oven & griddles are multi-faceted cookware. Ayesha curry cast-iron cooking sets are enamel coated.

It will help you in two ways-

  • You don’t need to apply frequent seasoning on it.
  • These pans & dutch ovens are induction compatible.

A regular cast-iron skillet has an non-smoother bottom & wall surface. That’s why it can scratch on the glass top area.

On the other hand, the enamel surface is very smoother, which prevents scratches.

Unlike stainless steel, this cookware distributes heat evenly. This facility manages the cooking more efficiently.

All cast-iron pans are heavy due to their body masses. That’s why whenever you use these skillets or dutch ovens, carefully handle them.


  • These skillets have come with an eyeful appearance.
  • You get a flexibility to cook with any stove tops & ovens.
  • Enjoy the perfect browning, each portion of foods cooked similarly.


  • All cast-iron pots & pans are enamel coated. You have to lift them carefully.

Ayesha’s Stainless Steel Cookware Specification:

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Ayesha Curry Home Collection Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans Set


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The food-grade standard stainless steels are the perfect nontoxic cookware. Mrs. Ayesha had maintained this standard in her cookware.

Unlike the nonstick & cast-iron cookware, you don’t need to put extra effort into maintenance. An extreme corrosion resistive property safeguards from rusting. No special magic is required for cleaning.

Whether you cook with a metal spatula or use a metal scrubber for cleaning, these are safe. The thermal safety gives us flexibility for high heat stir-frying & oven uses.

If you are looking for a budget friendly right stainless steel cookware, then you can try Ayesha’s home collection.


  • Absolutely safe from all hazardous elements.
  • It’s a budget-friendly cooking set.


  • Handles get heated up on the stove-tops.

Ayesha CurryCookware Review

Enameled Non-stick Cookware Review:

Ayesha’s enamel sets are categorized into three sections. The 12 pieces, 11 pieces & 9 pieces sets.

The 12 & 11 pieces sets have two fry pans, but the nine pieces set’s have only one small frying pan.

In these 12 pieces sets, you will get two rubber-wood cooking utensils. Consequently, 11 pieces have come with one wooden handle silicone spatula.

Ayesha brown sugar 1

This Home collection nonstick-sets perform best at low heat cooking. If you love cooking at low heat, then you can go with these sets.

However, the home collection of enamel sets can also be categorized into five groups. The four sets are Brown sugar, Twilight Teal, Basil Green, Sienna Red & Charcoal Gray.

All of these cookware has the same functionality & construction features.

But, the 1st two & the last one are the most sellable cookware among all of these units. Let’s discuss the features one by one-

Body Construction:

The cast aluminum is used as an inner core base metal. In general, the casted aluminum contains heavy metals like lead. But, this aluminum is totally free from all of these substances.

A multi-color enamel coating is smearing on these pots & pans to make them non-stick. This nonstick-layer is non-porous & shining, which looks very attractive.

Oh, I forget to mention to you these are light weighted cookware. So, any aged persons can easily them without any struggling. Additionally, the aluminum uniformly transmits the heat from the bottom to the upward direction.

A diamond texture is applied to the cooking set’s bottom portion. The nonstick-surface with a finished diamond cooking base helps to cook with a thin layer of oils.

Ayesha brown sugar 2


All handles joint fixedly with the pans & pots. These are the brushed finished stainless steel made handles. That’s why if you roughly care for them, they don’t get rusted.

The pans handles have three under features-

  • They are uncovered.
  • The frying pans handle slightly flatter on the top & rounder on the bottom portion.
  • A hollowed tunnel shape construction makes the handles more light-weighted.

You might feel slippery when you hold them for lifting. Additionally, the panhandles quickly heated up on the stove-tops. So, because of these reasons, we can’t consider them as ergonomic handles.

Every time you put them on stove-tops or ovens, use hand gloves or kitchen towels for gripping.

Most of the professional cookware has sturdy tapered handles for heavy lifting. This feature is completely invalid for the non-stick home collection sets.


The edges are tapered & fully protected with enamel coating. So, any dish soaps don’t get in contact with the inner core aluminum. Consequently, you will enjoy the drip-free pouring.


All lids tempered glass made. You get a crystal clear view of whether the foods get to cook or not. The cover handles are also made with brush-finished stainless steels & they are attached with a riveted joint.

There is whole on every lids & edge are protected mirror finished stainless steel metals. So, lids edges don’t get cracked easily. The saucepans, saut√© pan & dutch oven comes with the lids.

Thermal safety & cooktop compatibility:

The big downside is here Ayesha’s home collection is unsuitable with induction cooktops. No magnetic metal plate impact-bonded on the exterior bottoms.

All though these pots & pans are oven safe up to 500F & lids are safe till 350F. The enamel sets are compatible with all stove-tops & ovens except the induction one.

Do you know the thermal safety temperature & oven safety temperature is slightly different?

When a pan is a thermal safe till “X” degree Fahrenheit, that menace pan is safe up to the mentioned temperature on stove-tops.

If a pan is oven safe till a particular Fahrenheit, that defined it’s safe under the oven and on the stove-tops at that mentioned temperature.

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Maintenance Do & Don’t:

Ayesha’s enamel sets are non-compatible with stiff spatulas. A metallic food flipper can scratch on the cooking areas.

Never plunge the hot pans underwater or rinsed them with cold water. An uneven thermal contraction can flak off the nonstick layers.

Once the clam at room temperature, immerse them under luke-warm soapy water for 10 minutes.

Now softly scrub with a soft scrubber & regular gel soaps; all the burnt residues will be gone.

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Handles are poorly constructed & un-protected.

Non-compatible with dishwasher cleaning & induction ranges.

Wooden or silicone spatulas are strictly recommended.

Ayesha’s Cast-Iron Cookware Review:

Ayesha’s sets are enamel coated & perfectly matches the professional cookware standard. The most popular cast iron pots & pans are skillets, grill pans & dutch ovens.

Whether it is a skillet or dutch oven, they all come with a contemporary colorful appearance.

The skillets are available in 4 colors; the popular ones are the twilight teal & brown sugar.

You get two color options for square grill pans. Moreover, both of these pans are either 10″ or 12″, so pick the best suitable option for you.

The ceramic coated dutch ovens are inscribed with “Bleeding Heart” flowers on the lower outer wall section. I love this design concept & hope you like it too.

Body Construction:

Many typical cast iron cooking sets contain toxic substances. But, Ayesha’s cast-iron pots & pans are entirely free from leads.

The skillets’ bodies are neither too thick nor too thin.

Other brands’ iron skillets have a wider mouth narrower base. But this skillets mouth & lower base diameter is ultimately the same. That menace can hold more liquids than others.

The same concept types are applied to the square grill pans. All cast-iron cookware has a smoother flat base. Smother nonstick exterior protects the glass top cookware from scratches.

Both sides of the grill pans & skillets have the sprouts. So, you can extract the excessive oils without messing them in your kitchen.

Lastly, the enamel coating not only helps you in oil-free cooking but also save maintaining costs.


All cast-iron pans & dutch ovens have single casted two handles.

Ceramic Coated dutch oven handles are slightly different. You can’t pass your fingers to fist them (grip holding). Both side handles are slightly curved at the edges, so handles don’t get a slip from your hands.

Skillets primary handles are long enough & tapered at both sides. So, you can hold it sturdily. There is a hole on the handle end; so, you can hang them on kitchen hangers.

The enameled Dutch oven handles & skillets secondary handle is made with singles casted cast- iron rods. So, you will feel comfortable bypassing your fingers to fist them.


Only the dutch ovens or casserole pots have come with a cast-iron lid. The single casted covers are perfectly fit on the casserole pots.

No streamer holes on lids make the dutch oven fully airtight; so, you can cook faster.

Thermal Safety & Cooktop Compatibility:

Cast iron cookware’s are compatible with all stove-tops & ovens. These pots & pans are oven safe till 500F.

Always be careful when you place this cookware on induction. The nonstick polished outer base may not scratches the glass-surface, but improper lifting can crack the surfaces.

All cast iron heated up slowly and retain the heat for a longer time. Once you place them on a stove, set the temperature as per your cooking needs.

Never set the flame at high heat. Once it exceeds the required temperature, never clam quickly. So, you might burn the food before you cook it.

Maintenance Do & Don’t:

Always lift them carefully & adequately. Due to the heavy masses body, small drops can slough the enamel/ ceramic layers.

One most positive aspect is- don’t need to go for frequent seasoning. After cleaning the cast-irons, place them correctly.

You can place a paper towel on the outer bottoms to protect the nonstick layers. Alternatively, you can use a cast-iron cookware rack or hang them on hangers.

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The handles are uncovered. You have to extra for handle covers.

No lids were available for iron frying pans.


Can you put Ayesha Curry pans in the oven?

Yes, all of their pans are safe till 500F under then ovens. But, if you are explicitly using the enameled nonstick fry-pans, try to cook on the stove-tops.

Is Ayesha Curry’s cookware safe?

Yes, they are absolutely health safe. Aesha’s all of these cooking sets are free from POFA & heavy metals.

Is porcelain enamel cookware safe to use?

Yes, they are safe never create any health issues. But, you have to handle them properly.

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