Ballarini Pans, Pots & Cookware Set Review- 2023

The ‘Ballarini Parma Forged’ cookware line exemplifies Italian craftsmanship at its finest. Following the merger with ZWILLING in 2015, this iconic brand has never been more popular.

Their Cookware products are made of cold-forged aluminum for even heating, and a titanium reinforced nonstick coating that is scratch resistant.

The thermo-point technology guarantees precise temperature control, reducing overheating and damage.

This Cookware is oven safe and has an easy-release nonstick ceramic coating with no PTFE or PFOA.

ZWILLING is a German-based cookware brand, originated in SOLINGEN. Now their factories are spreading all over the gloves. In the USA, the brand is known as ” ZWILLING USA.”

Ballarini is mostly famous for producing safe ceramic non-stick pans, pots and other cookware sets but they also produce stainless steel cookware, bake ware and cutlery sets.

In this Ballarini cookware review content, we will discuss each & every prospective of these pans & pots.

#. Ballarini Parma Cookware Set

It’s classic looking stone coated cookware sets. The Parma will not only impress you through its appearance, but this set also delivers high-quality performance.

If you love to use ceramic or granite crafted cookware, & looking for a new purchase, then you can try it too.

Packaging Details:

Total ten pieces of Parma pans, pots & lids come with it.  You will get-

 2 French skillet style frying pan.

Two saucepans & one sauté pan with 3 lids.

Lastly, you get one Dutch oven with a glass lid.

However, you can also purchase single pieces of Parma cookware separately.


Overall this cookware looks like granite coated on the whole pans & pots surface. Looks glossy because of glazed.

The frying pans & sauté pan walls are blotter in the middle & the mouth is slightly wider than the bottom portion.

This type of construction helps the chefs with easy food tossing.


Cold forged aluminum is used to construct the pans & pots’ inner core bodies. Now probably, you are thinking about what so great about this aluminum.

There are three types of aluminum used in the cookware industry. The stamped, forged & die-casted aluminum.

Cold-forged aluminum is more reliable than the stamped aluminum.

Toxic metals like leads & nickels are absent on this aluminum. This metal has good thermal conductivity; that’s why you get seamless cooking.

Additionally, they are neither light-weighted not heavily weighted.

The outer bottoms don’t attach with magnet friendly metallic plates.

Non-Stick Surface:

The scratch-proof non-stick cooking spot is incredible! If you touch these non-stick layers, it’s so smooth as ceramic tiles.

This coating is made with geranium, titanium-reinforced ceramic porcelain clay. The main benefits of this types of layer-

  • The non-stick coating stays safe for a long time.
  • It never starts peeling off very quickly.
  • Burnt foods can quickly flash out.
  • You can make an egg omelet, even without oils.
  • These pans are compatible with any cooking utensils.

Additionally, foods get easily repeal off the pans. The hard non-pours coating prevents the inner core aluminum from getting ruined. On the other hand, it stopped toxic aluminum-oxide intricate problems.

Cooking Performance & Cooktop Compatibility:

You will love to cook with this Ballarani cookware. The clod forged aluminum heated up quickly & evenly. So, the ingredients don’t get burned during stir-frying.

It’s a non-induction compatible set. However, you still use them on an induction cooktop with the help of an induction plate.

When you use them on gas or electric coil stoves, please cooked at low or medium flame. Otherwise, the exterior bottom will get ruined; in the longer run.

These pans are not made for oven cooking; cookware is oven safe till 300F. But, you can use these sets for baking & healthy roasting recipes; on a stovetop.

Handles & Lids:

For stovetop using purposes, these handles are fantastic. It’s fully plastic made, so you don’t need to wear any kitchen gloves for gripping. These handles get ruined, which can be replaced very easily.

However, riveted joint handles are more trustworthy & durable. Due to plastic handles, their oven safety temperature is very low.

There is a thermospot indicator present on the handles near the starting point. This thermospot turns red when pans reach the ideal cooking temperature. 

So, you quickly figure out whether the skillets ready for the cooked or not. Once you remove the pan from the stovetops, the thermo-point will start changing its color & come back at its initial stage.

Clean tempered glass lid edges are protected with stainless steel. The lids-knobs plastic made so they never get hot.

The clear glass helps you to watch whether the ingredients get cooked or not.


The Parma sets are dishwasher safe & the thermospot doesn’t get damaged under the dishwasher. Apart from this facility, if you go with hand-washing, these pans & pots are very easy to clean.

If foods get burnt during stir-frying, you can effortlessly remove them; even with any tricks. Pour some water on the pans & let it get warm.

Now use a soft spatula & gently scrub the pans. All the burnt elements will easily pullout from the surface.

Maintenance Tips:

If you place these pans or pots on an electric coil stove, you must protect the coils with burner covers.

Because of interior & exterior, both of these sides are fully ceramic coated. As a result, extremely-hot coils left a burnt spot on the outside bottoms.

Once the thermospot turns into red color, lower down the stove temperature. That’s how you can save energy consumption.

The Parma sets are dishwasher safe, but try to go with hand washing. Consequently, use a sponge scrubber or soft nylon pads for cleaning.


  • You don’t face any health issues.
  • Save lots of energy consumption.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Hustle free cleaning facility.
  • Handles stay cool on stovetops.


  • Non-compatible for oven uses.
  • You can’t use this cookware on induction stoves.


If the non-stick coating of your pan start striping off, then you can try the Ballarini pans. A typical non-stick coating like Teflon gets ruin very quickly. That’s why this brand used granitium reinforced ceramics as a non-stick coating on their cookware.

Most of these non-stick culinary products are construct based on cast-aluminum inner core metal. These cookware can go with the dishwasher, non compatible for induction stoves & oven uses.

Their oven-safe temperature is much lower than other reputed ceramic coated cookware. The most prominent reason for that- plastic made handles.

However, the thermo-spot point on the handles helps you to watch whether the pan gets heated or not.


Do Ballarini Ceramic Pans & Pots Are Health Safe?

Yes, they are totally safe for you. No heavy metals or POFA are present on these cookware. However, most of the ceramic non-stick coating contains inactive PTFE.

But you don’t need to fear these elements. Because, even if this compound is present on the ceramics, they stay inactive.

Until & unless the ceramic coating gets ruined, Ballarini cookware are totally safe.

How To USe Ballarini Cookware On Induction Stoves?

To use these sets on induction cooktops; placed a magnetized plate on the bottom area.

Do We Need To Seasoned Ballarini Non-Stick Pans?

No seasoning doesn’t require at all. Even if you want to season these pans, you can put them in an oven. Due to the plastic made handles oven safety point is very low.


In this Ballarini review section, we have motioned each & every section carefully. If you are looking for induction-compatible ceramic coated cookware, then these sets are not something you are looking to purchasing.

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