Balsamic Caprese Chicken With Spinach Recipe.

balsamic caprese chicken recipe

Now balsamic caprese chicken with spinach recipe project way my new try. Before tried this recipe I have made many other different kinds of caprese stuffed balsamic chicken recipe with salad; (actually this recipe is great to test with green salad; but, if you like to take it in at dinner, reddish salad is the perfect). Also I have maid it with few ingredients veggies & balsamic chicken recipe.

Another, fact I want to share with you mozzarella caprese balsamic stuffed chicken with spinach recipe, is excellent in test; if you make it even a sandwich. This balsamic caprese chicken recipe with salad & spinach is best in test among all balsamic kinds of chicken recipe.

My children are busy from the morning; they have an office, though my son has started his content marketing business from home & left his job. I like to cook it at lunchtime; take it with green salad & rice, the same balsam Caprese chicken. I made a sandwich for my daughter in the evening, she really loves it.

Grilled Balsamic Caprese Chicken Recipe Ingredients:

As it is balsamic vinegar with cheese (I have used here mozzarella cheese), oregano, dried basil, ground garlic & ginger powder, black pepper powder, kosher salt, garam masala (hot spices combination many anti oxidants & have medicinal property), veggies will required green bell pepper, spinach if you cook it for dinner then use the red one, potato, tomatoes (cherry tomatoes will be much better but if are making balsamic caprese chicken sandwich).

Mozzarella Cheese:

I made this balsamic caprese chicken with mozzarella cheese, as it is produce in Italy & the dish is also Italian, however it is not perfect if you planning to make keto balsamic chicken recipe. This cheese is little bit salty in test & gives yummy flavor to the balsamic marinated chicken dishes. Actually this cheese is also slightly lactic as well as acidic in nature, but the problem is you can’t store the left over caprese stuffed chicken recipe for long time, try finish the food within 30 hours. if like to read more about the pros & cons of this cheese please read it.


This is one of the healthiest herb you can eat is with salad, sandwich as cooked veggies. It is really very testy even you can eat it with one pan chicken. It cont most essential micro nutrient mineral vitamin K, that is very crucial for maintaining the bone health & density, It’s also a good source of magnesium, lots of fiber. spinach is also help to detoxified our body. Spinach with carrot help to increase the beta carotene in our blood level, an antioxidant help to prevent us from lung cancer & heart diseases.  

How To Prepare The Marination For Balsamic Caprese Chicken?

I like make little bit different grilled balsamic caprese chicken, but if you are preparing one pan balsamic chicken with veggies no need to marinade the chicken separately.

1st prepare the marination mixture, mix the balsamic glaze vinegar, with ginger & garlic powder, kosher salt, oreganos, thyme, dried basil. Pour the mixture into the Ziploc bag & marinate the chicken for half an hour.

But, before marination wash the chicken completely & dry it with tissue paper or towel, the put it under the Ziploc bag, make sure you suck out the air completely form the bag.  I have used the whole chicken breast for this recipe.

How To Cook The Balsamic Caprese Chicken With Spinach Step By Step?

Recipe Procedure one:

slightly fried the chicken on the stove top for 10 to 15 minutes; with little bit oilve oil & add the marination mixture. It’s time to cut the veggies, tomatoes, chopped the spinach.  Put the veggies with mozzarella cheese between the two chicken pieces, & baked it under the oven at low temperature for 10 minutes, the balsamic caprese chicken with spinach is ready you can add the balsamic marination mixture on the chicken, & serve it into the plates. You can eat it with salad or with make it sandwich.

Recipe Procedure Two:  

For this recipe does not required balsamic style chicken marination, this is applicable if you like to cook it with vegetables (except spinach). just slight induction oven cook the veggies on skillet with olive oil & balsamic marination. Time to add the chicken breast on the skillet with spinach & half cooked veggies, the put the cheese on the top of chicken & veggies, must add salt as per your test, & make it oven bake for 20 minutes at 375 to 400 degrees Fireside. The balsamic caprese chicken with spinach recipe is ready.         


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