Balsamic Chicken Pasta Recipe

balsamic chicken pasta

Balsamic chicken pasta is an awesome recipe for lunches as well as dinner, especially if eaten as a summertime food. Many people like to test this chicken recipe with balsamic salad; but, if I like to test this recipe as with normal green salad for day time & mixed veggies salad for the night time.

Well, actually I never think to make this recipe; though, I have tested the marinated balsamic chicken thighs recipe with cucumber & onion salad at “Lake Como” the test was awesome. The last summer me & my family went to my cousin house in “Cinque Terre” she cooks the balsamic chicken pasta; with the Italian salad, the test was awesome.

Then, I search this recipe on the internet & saw many YouTube videos & tried a couple of one & even modify a few ingredients, to find out which recipe formula is the for this one. The recipe formula I will be sharing with you in this article, that we have founded most useful once.

More importantly, you can try this recipe with the pasta noodles. You can cook the noodles or pasta; first & the cook the veggies & finally the balsamic chicken, sprinkle the spices, the balsamic vinegar & toss all the cooked ingredients to make the balsamic chicken noodles. But, I like to cook it in a little bit different way.

balsamic chicken pasta

What are the ingredients required for balsamic chicken pasta recipe?

Basically you can add many different types of veggies with the balsamic chicken & pasta; but, cherry tomatoes are the most essential ingredients for the balsamic chicken pasta. However, you can use plain naughty tomatoes as an alternative.

Other ingredients required for this recipe onion pest ginger & garlic pest, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice; ground mastered seeds, garam masala, black peppers, smoked paprika for chicken marination & olive oil for cooking.

the ingredients required for pasta chicken recipe chopped red onion, garlic finely chopped, pasta (if you like healthy recipes then try to use gluten-free pasta), chopped mushrooms (optional), asparagus, thyme, tomatoes, kosher salt. lemon juice, cottage cheese (optional, if you want to make it more tasty & creamy)

What are the function of these ingredients for balsamic chicken pasta recipe?


There is no doubt that mushrooms are the good veggies contain very high-quality fibre & protein especially all kinds of edible mushrooms. These edible mushrooms are oyster (mainly produced in Germany), button, porcini, etc. Most importantly these mushrooms contain vitamin B & powerful antioxidant like selenium, which is very crucial to protect & boost our immune system.

 Did you hear all Non-animal vitamin D source? If you not then, must know that white button mushroom contains vitamin D. For more health benefits of mushroom please read BBC.  

Cottage Cheese: this is no doubt that this cottage cheese is one of the delicious food that loves every American & non-American all kinds of food lovers. I like to test this cottage cheese even with balsamic grilled chicken. you need to sprinkle the cheese on hot chicken & keep it under the micro oven for, nearly five minutes & the balsamic chicken will test awesome even I don’t have words to describe it.  Most importantly cottage cheese contains a very high amount of protein & low amount of fat, It is also a very good source of calcium.

Onion pest & chopped onion: Onion ginger garlic all are good aromatic herbs that give a nice flavour to any kinds of recipes. These herbs are also very good for our health benefits, you can read from

Thyme: This herbs

balsamic chicken pasta spices role in recipe

Balsamic chicken pasta recipe preparation step by step:

My pro tips: If you like to test healthy balsamic chicken recipe then must try boneless skinless chicken breast. However to make the pasta more healthy as well as testy then try boneless skinless chicken breast.

Step:  One

Marinate the balsamic chicken (we will use 1.1 lbs or 500-gram boneless skinless chicken breast); moreover, in this recipe we will cook the chicken in a little bit different way. First, marinade the chicken for nearly half an hour with four tablespoons balsamic vinegar; two teaspoons lime juice, hot spices (garam masala, quarter teaspoons ); oregano, fresh ginger garlic pest (one teaspoon each), one teaspoon red onion pest.

Should I use honey during balsamic chicken marination?

Umm, the answer is it depends on your test; however, I don’t like to add honey, because of different reasons; it deeply burns the chicken, during fry pan or gas oven roasting. But, if you are planning to prepare the salad with balsamic chicken then you can add one tablespoon raw, organic honey, with balsamic vinegar for 2 lbs chicken.         

Step:  Two

Brown the chicken at low medium temperature (400F), nearly 20 minutes; & also boiled the water with salt & add the pasta (nearly 400gram or 1lb) (try to use gelatin-free pasta); keep it for 10-15 minutes then strain the water; add one tablespoon of olive oil & gives a lite massage with the pasta.

The next step will prepare the veggies for the oven. tomatoes two medium sizes, asparagus 6 pieces, however, if want to add more, then you can add up to 12 oz. Medium chopped onion, fine chopped garlic & ginger one teaspoon each. chopped oregano, fresh coriander leaves one teaspoon,        

Step:  Three

Heat the skillets & lite brown the chopped onions with mushrooms; Its a time, add asparagus, chopped onion & ginger garlic & slow cook the veggies, make sure, don’t burn the veggies; then add six tablespoon of water, salt, spices & slow cook for ten minutes.

Then add the pasta & cook it for around 5 to 10 minutes & constantly toss the pasta with the veggies. Now add the chopped balsamic chicken & vinegar with oreganos & green coriander leafs & closed the pasta for 5 minutes & its done.

Step:  Four

serve the pasta to the plate, you can take a green salad with the pasta for day time or mixed salad for the dinner.  

Can we add honey to balsamic chicken pasta recipe, separately?

No, I never really tried this, even I don’t like to add the brown sugar for balsamic chicken pasta.

Chicken thighs or chicken breast which one is best for balsamic chicken pasta recipe?

The boneless skinless chicken pasta recipe is more delicious compare to chicken breast. But the chicken thigh is a slice of dark meat it contains lots of saturated fats, & chicken breast is more health compare to the chicken thighs.

what should I do with leftover balsamic chicken pasta?

You can store it in the refrigerator for 48 to 60 hours & I like to consume the leftover with balsamic chicken veggies or salad.


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