Balsamic Glazed Chicken Recipe

balsamic glazed chicken

Balsamic glazed chicken recipes are very easy to make. I have made three vegetable ingredient recipe, balsamic chicken and mushrooms with tomatoes & big chunk red onion. This chicken-recipe is not exactly the one-pan instant pot recipe; though I have finished the second part of the recipe on the skillet. So you can say it is a balsamic chicken skillet recipe.

This recipe is perfect for dinner; it’s easy to make total preparation time less than one hour, half an hour for chicken marination, 10 to 15 minutes grilled on a gas or induction oven in a grilled pan, then prepare the veggies & balsamic chicken for the oven baking.

The most important fact is balsamic vinegar are not like cider vinegar which mad out of the alcohol. The most delicious fact is grilled balsamic glazed chicken, you can take it with any kind of salad, its test of good. For more, you can take it as balsamic flavour sandwich or balsamic style pasta & cheese. Even you make it Caprese glazed balsamic chicken.

All The Ingredients Required For Balsamic Chicken With Tomatoes And Mushrooms.

The common ingredients are balsamic vinegar & soy sauces, ginger and  garlic powder, onion pest and big dice pieces of Red onion, black pepper, smoked paprika, dried thyme,salt & basil. Fresh basil are best if you add it after cooking.

Oregano and sugar elements are optional; I have prepared another recipe post with  baked oregano marmalade chicken recipe in balsamic style.

If you like to make healthy balsamic chicken recipe then used olive oil or nut oil for this recipe otherwise, use butter as an alternative to oil, the recipe will be much more testier then healthy one.


Thyme is usually used in recipes for add the extra flavored to the recipes, this herb is pair good with potato vegetables / non-veg baking recipes (fish, chicken, cheese), This herb is Mediterranean herb, and it is aromatic in nature that’s why it helps to boost our mind towards positivity. Also there are tons of health benefits are associated with consuming the thyme like it lower down the high blood pressure, used for cough remedy, increase our immunity power to fight for day to day challenges. (Read more 1,2)


basil is not only used in cooking it also used to prepare the sauces; dried basil can be sprinkle over the marination to gives a mint flavor. Fresh basil are used in salads, basil also an aromatic herb, has strong intense smelling, use in Thai, Italian cuisine. This herb is also use as coughed remedies, boost our body vitality power. Fresh basil also gives nice flavor to  cooked & hot balsamic vinaigrette chicken breast.    


This aromatic herb is not only used in chicken or fish or any other kinds of recipes to increase the aromatic flavor; but also use in sweets & desserts. It has lots of other medicinal properties, contain lots of antioxidant property. Therefore, it increases our daily life performance & also the immunity power.   

Pro tips:

Don’t grill any food after adding the cinnamon, best practices are sprinkling the cinnamon just after you have finished the recipe (at hot state) & closed it for 10 to 15 minutes.  

How To Marinade The Balsamic Glazed Chicken And Tomatoes And The Other Veggies?

Basically, for this recipe It is not necessary to marinate the chicken for thirty(30) to forty (40) minutes; but if you like, you can do so. The preparation of balsamic vinegar marination mixture is pretty much same, mixed balsamic vinegar, soy sauces, cinnamon, the powder of ginger & garlic’s, dried thyme, basil, salt & dijon mustard pest.

How To Cook The Balsamic Glazed Chicken Skillet? Step By Step Guide:


Put the chicken into the balsamic glazed marination mixture for five minutes is enough for marination. Heat the frying pan, set the baking temperature medium-high near 350F, and fry the chicken for 10 to 15 minutes.


Chopped the mushroom & tomatoes & arranges on the skillet add the grilled chicken add balsamic glazed vinegar & put the tray under the baking oven. Baked the veggies & chicken for another 15 minutes at 400F.


Take out the skillet from the oven sprinkle some basil leaves & ground cinnamon powder with leftover balsamic glazed marination mixture & closed the tray for another 5 to 10 minutes the balsamic glazed chicken with the nice aromatic flavour of cinnamon and basil it ready for the plate.    


Balsamic Glazed Chicken Thighs Or Chicken Breast With One Is Perfect For This Recipe?

The answer totally depends on you; chicken thighs are more delicious compare to the chicken breast, also as well as cheap. That’s why you can bake balsamic chicken drumsticks,; but another fact is boneless skinless chicken breast has the almost null amount of trans-fat, high in protein. So if you are more health-conscious then you can make chicken breast recipe. Healthy balsamic marinated chicken breast is a great food combination with a green salad.

Can We Use Honey Or Brown Sugar In This Chicken And Mushroom Recipe?

Basically, any kinds of sugar burn the chicken during the gas oven or induction oven grilling or frying time. That’s why I skip this, but traditional balsamic chickens required honey. One thing you can do; add the honey (1 or 2 tablespoons) to balsamic vinegar marination mixture & spread over the veggies & chicken; then insert for baking in the oven.

d15574Can We Make Balsamic Chicken Wings Instead Of Chicken Breast Or Chicken Thighs?

Yes, balsamic chicken wings, this is also less expensive & great in the test, but the problem is the amount of chicken you will get from the wings is very less amount.

What Are The Differences Between Balsamic Chicken Caprese & This Grilled Balsamic Glaze Chicken Recipe?

The main differences between the “balsamic chicken Caprese” and this Italian chicken recipe. Adding the cheese with the chicken the same recipe can be called the Caprese recipe.

How Long Should I Marinade The Chicken For This Recipe?

For this recipe chicken marination for long time is not required, but if you like you can go for it.

How Can I Make Balsamic Chicken Recipe Especially For Keto Diet? 

The keto balsamic glazed chicken recipe is a great combination with low calories green salads, but you need to avoid any sugar-related elements. Keto recipes are required a high amount of protein & fat, that’s why balsamic glazed chicken drumsticks (with skin), are the best one for the keto diet.

Is It Good Idea To Cook Balsamic Glazed Chicken Caprese?

Yes, Caprese glazed chicken balsamic is no doubt healthy, but make sure, you don’t have any lactose related problems, most importantly don’t include it in your daily diet, eating 4 to 5 days in the week may not create any problem for anyone.

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