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Best Material For Cooking Utensils? (2021)

Best material for cooking utensils are BPA free silicon and, wooden and, metallic kitchen utensils.

Durability, ergonomic grip, oven safe temperature, easy clean facilities, no toxicity, scratch resistant facilities these are the quality checklist.

So, we need to recheck these checklist before choosing or purchasing any of these cooking utensils.

However, the metallic cooking utensils are also comes under best category; but, it has some cons like we can’t use these with every nonstick coated cookware’s.

In very short the best utensils for cooking are:

  • Silicon kitchen utensils.
  • Wooden cooking utensils.
  • Toxic less metallic utensils.

The people from all over the world, especially from developed & developing countries are moving towards following the healthy lifestyle pattern.

So, there is no doubt that non-toxic nonstick cookware are the best one that can help us to achieve the healthy lifestyle pattern.

Best Material For Cooking Utensils

It’s totally decreases the durability of these cookware; if we use any metallic utensils for cooking. On the other hand, over heating these pans or pots may also create flaking issues; so, it’s no recommended.

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Features Must Be Check Before Purchasing The Best Utensils For Cooking
Best Cooking Utensils For Nonstick Cookware
The Silicon, Best Material For Cooking Utensils
Wooden eco-friendly cooking utensils
Durable Metallic Cooking Utensils:

The Features You Need To Check Before Purchasing The Best Utensils For Cooking:

1. Temperature Safety:

A good quality silicon utensils are oven safe up to 500F; and, temperature safe in oil up to 350F to 400F.

So, if you are using any cookware with silicon handle grip must check the oven safety point.

On the other hand, if you are using silicon made pasta fork or spoon must check the oil safety point.

Wooden type of kitchen utensils are not recommended to insert into the oven; it might be burned.

Moreover, had anodized or enameled metal cooking utensils are oven safe at very high temperature no you need not worry about these.

2. Easy Cleaning Facilities:

Plane silicone coated kitchen utensils, wooden and, metal cooking utensils are comes under top priority holder when it comes for easy cleaning feature.
But, few things we have re check like

Firstly, the design type of kitchen utensils are must be simple and, smooth. Decorative types of utensils are looking very attractive, but people often face the difficulties to clean them.

Secondly, sticky foods are stick with any of these silicon, wooden or metal kitchen utensils.

Therefore, pour it under worm soap water for at least 10 to 15 minutes, makes it easy to clean.

3. Durability:

When it comes to durability non-toxic silicon and, had anodized aluminum utensils are the best material for cooking utensils. wooden or bamboo materials are not the as good as the former utensils.

4. Ergonomic Design And, Grip Features:

The non decorative, light weight cooking utensils are generally called ergonomic utensils. The grips are cover with non toxic silicon for comfort grip.

However, this is not applicable for wooden and full silicon body cookware utensils; because, woods & silicon are not good heat conductor.

In other words, sticky foods are generally trap into the decorative cuts areas; that’s why, one-piece cooking utensils are most recommended.

5. Free From Harmful Hazardous Elements:

We are recommending only silicon nylon and wooden materials under non metallic utensils. Because, plastics contain lots of harmful chemicals and, ordinary nylon contain BPA.

Moreover, BPA can causes lots of health problem like heart dieses, hypertension, cardio vascular problem, etc (source).

Hard anodized & stainless materials are the best metallic cooking tools. These materials are non reactive with acidic foods and, no rusting issues, not contain heavy metals.

Moreover, stainless steel utensils are completely dishwasher safe. But, it has one problem, non-compatible to use them for non-stick cookware.

What Are Best Cooking Utensils For Nonstick Cookware?

The top most preferable cooking utensils for nonstick cookware are-

  • Silicon made spoons and spatulas.
  • Wooden utensils.
  • BPA free nylon utensils.

Silicon Cooking Utensils:

Silicon made utensils are the best cooking utensils for nonstick cookware and health also

Silicon Best Material For Cooking Utensils



  • These utensils are very long lasting
  • Oven safety temperature is very high; premium quality silicon materials are temperature safe up to 600F.
  • Non reactive with foods.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals (be aware from cheap quality silicon).
  • Completely safe in dishwasher.
  • Very much affordable; a good quality silicon spatula price under $15.
  • Completely scratch resistant.
  • Very easy food reveal facility.


  • Not biologically degradable. Recycling is possible, but, it’s very difficult to recycle.
  • Cheap quality materials may contain harmful chemicals like BPA.

Wooden Utensils:

Wooden Cooking Utensils

These materials comes with classic and, as well as in decorative forms.

The general wooden spoon and, spatula materials are bamboo, olive wood, walnut wood, maple, quince, rosewood, beech wood.

Bamboo and, beech wooden utensil sets are very much affordable; and, other described wooden spoon/ spatulas are bit more pricier.



  • Completely scratch resistant; so, it can be best choice for cooking in the nonstick cookware.
  • Get at affordable price.
  • Easy and comfort grip facility.
  • Classic looks.
  • Non reactive with foods.
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • It’s completely eco friendly cooking utensils.


  • Humid wooden utensils may causes bacterial problem.
  • Less durable compare to silicon and metallic cooking utensils.
  • Not safe in dishwasher.
  • Very easily damaged.
  • Difficult to clean; especially if you are cooking sticky foods.

Metallic Cooking Utensils:

metallic Cooking Utensils

When it comes metals; we always recommends two types of material are the best for cooking utensils.

These are toxic less hard anodized aluminums and, stain less steels. These utensils are made for heavy duty and, super durable in nature.

Non hard anodized cheap aluminum cookware and utensils contain heavy metal like lead and cadmium; and it also react with citrus foods. That’s why, we only recommends only the hard anodized one.



  • No need to fight with hands, its completely dishwasher safe.
  • No rusting issues.
  • Not react with foods.
  • The temperature safety point is very high.
  • One time investment and, lasting for long time.
  • Very easy to clean these utensils.
  • Doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals or metallic elements.


  • Not suitable in case, if you are using nonstick cookware but, its completely safe for stone coated cookware.
  • It may create scratches on the pots ans.
  • Comparatively pricier than silicon and wooden utensils.
  • Good heat conductor; so, must be careful before grip it; especially when it hot.


Which Cooking Utensil Material Is Best For Health?

The BPA free silicon and wooden utensils are the best cooking utensils material for our health. Most wonderful features Toxic less, scratch resistant, not reacting with foods.

What Are The Eco Friendly Cooking Utensils?

Any wooden cooking utensils best eco friendly cooking utensils. especially Rosewood, olive, walnut and, bamboo utensils are most preferable.

Which Metal Is Used For Cooking Utensils?

Cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, hard anodized and non anodized aluminums are generally use as cooking utensils. But, Stainless steel & hard anodized aluminums are most safest material for cooking utensils

What Is Best Material For Cooking Utensils?

In our opinion silicon is the 1st choice and, wood are the 2nd best material for cooking utensils. We have discussed these in a brief way; you can read it.


As per all prospective, silicon material are the best cooking utensils for nonstick cookware and, other cookware also. However, wooden utensils are also very good choice. Hope our information will help you to find out right utensils for your kitchen.

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