7 Best non stick pan without Teflon dishwasher safe cookware.

Best Non stick Pan Without Teflon

It’s still very crucial for us to find best non stick pan without Teflon. Because, the whole world people are using the non stick cookware to make their life healthy. Actually, we were very confused; should we purplish this kinds of controversial content or not? We did hours of extensive research on C-8, POFA & PTFE from many medicinal websites; even for more, discussed with our family physician and finally decided let’s spill over the onion.

Our suggestion really help you, to find best nonstick non Teflon cookware and as well as dishwasher safe pots and pans for your kitchen. After 2013 every reputed cookware manufacturer in the USA, use POFAs free Teflon for non-sticky coating.  Perfluorooctanoic acid in the Teflon was main causes for human health problem. But, few information we need collect before purchasing any nonstick cookware.  In very short, best nonstick coated pots & pans are

  • Ceramic cookware.
  • Glass made cookware.
  • Enameled Cast Iron coated pots and pans.
  • Silicon made micro-oven safe bake-ware.
Content Guide:
The Detail Guide On Teflon; Its Application, Implication On Our Daily Lifestyle.
What Are The Best Non Stick Cookware Without Teflon?
Which Non Stick Coating Is The Best?
Our Recommendation For Best Non Stick Pan Without Teflon

The Detail Guide On Teflon; Its Application, Implication On Our Daily Lifestyle.

What is Teflon? 

Teflon is a synthetic compound; it has very vast application in our daily life style, start from kitchen utensil to home & outside of our home also. The Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ethylene is the main chemical compound in Teflon; PTFE also comes under fluoro-polymer (consist of multiple carbon and fluorine bonds ) family. The PTFE is also hydrophobic in nature.

The Polytetrafluoroethylene  was accidentally discovered by the American chemist “Roy J. Plunkett” in 1938. This thermoplastic polymer is solid in nature at a general room temperature & its density is 2.2 g/cm³, The melting point is 620 F.

What are the application of Teflon?

The PTFE is widely used in on multiple industry, start from aerospace to kitchen utensils. For more, this polymer is also used in musical instrument, it also have a application as aerosol lubricant spray. PTFE has very wide application in the carbon fiber manufacturing and obliviously it’s used in frying pan & pots as a non stick coating, (wiki).

Is Teflon Really dangerous of our health?

If you use Teflon cookware carefully then it’s really good for your health; lets discuss few measurement we need to care when we are using the Teflon pots & pans.   

Well, you can use Teflon cookware for healthy cooking; if you prepare the meal at low temperature. Please make sure your cooking temperature is below 570 degree Fahrenheit; in other word, use electric coil stoves or glass top stoves. If you want healthy cooking & we recommends the cooking temperature must be below 500 F.

Replace the nonstick pans & pots with ceramic non stick cookware set; lastly, change the non stick coated cookware after every few years or repair its coating.

Is PTFE and Teflon are the same thing?

Yes, theses are same compound, we have discussed it earlier; please check it. In present days all branded pots and pans manufacturer create non stick coating without POFA (start from 2013), to make healthy non toxic cookware.

Is C-8 still use in Teflon?

All non stick or Teflon cookware are free from C-8. C-8 ( or POFA) is a toxic compound; that’s why, create multiple health issues; like cancer, infertility, hormonal problems(source).

What Are The Best Non Stick Pan Without Teflon?

1. Ceramic pans:

Ceramic pans and pots are made not only from the ceramic coating; therefore, its interior & exterior coating is solid ceramic coating & the middle material is metal.  There are different kinds of ceramic coating available in the market; start from ceramic-Teflon spray to pro ceramic coating.

The ceramic coating spray is mainly use as a car paints. However, the cookware ceramic coating are completely Teflon free. The cookware become oily every time we heat it; because of that, we need almost no oil to little bit oil/ butter for cooking. But, we need to take care the cooking temperature, cooking at high temperature may damage the coating.

Ceramic coated pans and pots not only release the foods very quickly; but, its also very easy to clean,

2. Glass pots and pans:

Glass made cookware are one of the best Non Stick Pan & pot set Without Teflon. Its nonporous in nature; as well as, chemically inactive with foods & dishes. Variety glass  cookware are available in the market, most of these, have heat resistant power.

Borosilicate glass made cookware are the most durable & reliable cookware; however, these cookware sets are very expensive in nature. If You are looking for the best two in one kind glass cookware; these borosilicate pans or bowls are the best. Most importantly,  you can store food, fruit juice under refrigerator or you can cook egg muffin under oven.

Lime silica glasses are not only cheap in price; but, also, it’s less durable in nature.

3. Enameled Cast Iron coated pans:

Bare cast iron and enameled cast iron, both are completely different. The enameled cast iron cookware has some benefits over the normal cast iron. Because of that, we recommend the former one.

The main benefits of enameled cast iron pots and pans are-

  • Long lasting; don’t rust easily.
  • The coating is almost non pours or have very less leaching effect; it prevents absorption of excessive iron into the foods.
  • Easy to clean, only worm soap water & soft washing pad is enough. However, this cookware are not dishwasher safe.

Despite all these feature it also has some drawbacks; like it price is 2 to 3 times more than the bare cast iron;  dishwasher or hard cleaning pad can damage the enameled coating.

4. Silicon safe bake ware:

The FDA has approved that silicon bake ware are safe for our health. The silicon is natural occurring crust; found on earth surface. These pans and pots are made by silicon polymer; the combination of silicon carbon and oxygen molecules.

These rubber like polymer is oven safe up to the temperature of 500F & also safe under refrigerator. These cookware are not only best alternative to non stick pan; but, it also quite flexible in nature & its free from Teflon.

Most importantly, silicon made pans are durable; as well are chemically inactive with foods. It is very easy to cleanup, no addition oils or butter required for cooking; lastly, branded silicon cookware are dishwasher safe.

So, we can comes into the conclusion that silicon cookware are the best non stick pan without Teflon and it also dishwasher safe cookware.

Which Is The Best Non Stick Coating For Cookware?

From the above discussion we have come ups with the silicon coated or made pans are most reliable non stick coating without Teflon and also safe in dishwasher. The Teflon free ceramic coating on metal & glass cookware are the 2nd best option; but, these utensils are not dishwasher friendly.

Best Non Stick Pan Without Teflon (Non Toxic) From Our Recommendation:

1. Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Dishwasher Safe Nonstick Frying Pan:

RR best Non stick Teflon free Pan

The Rachael Ray always designed modern attractive looking cooking sets. These pans are also dishwasher safe, cookware material feature with hard anodized aluminum. Therefore, it has quick & eventual heat distribution property. Moreover, the frying is durable & also has scratch resistance feature. Consequently, it nonstick coating is completely free from Teflon.

The frying pan very easily release foods; you can also cook almost little amount to without oil or butter. This frying pan is large in size (14”); so, you can prepare the meal for 6 to 8 family members. Rachael ray cucina hard skillet is oven safe up to the 400F; The skillet handle covered with silicon grip.

About Rachel ray:

Rachel ray also wined many award for their modern cookware; moreover,  they also publish over 5000 recipe method in their website. Rachel Ray have recipe magazine,  day time speaker in TV shows.


  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Have long lasting Property, value for price.
  • Non-toxic cookware materials.


  • Doesn’t provide any lids.

2. Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe, Teflon Free Combo Frying Pan Set, By All-Clad

AC Non stick Pan Without Teflon

This cookware is our 2nd choice that come up with fulfilling all the criteria; like- Its safe in dishwasher, non-stick in nature; most importantly, non hazardous cookware material.

The All-Clad offers two different size frying pan combo set (8” & 10” frying pan ), (10” & 12” frying pan). This frying pan sets are comfortable with any stoves, whether it is electric or gas cook-top. The frying pan set is oven safe up to 500F.

The thick gauge aluminum sheet is very durable & it also has scratch resistant power. The base of the cookware feature with heavy bonded stainless steel.  The coating is nonstick coating is not only completely free from POFA or POFS; but, also free from the heavy metal.

About All-Clad:

The brand has more than 50 years of history, they are also very popular around the world. All-Clad commitment is they design every cookware according to the professional chefs demands. They mainly famous for manufacturing the best stainless steel cookware in the market.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Feature with nonhazardous cookware material.
  • Comfortable for any stoves.


  • Don’t have Lids.
  • The handle doesn’t cover with any silicon or plastic.

3. Titanium 12-Inches, Black Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Fry Pan With Lid By T-Fal

Best Teflon free cookware

Everyone know it right the T-fal is another king in home & kitchen industry; when it comes to choose the best cookware for our house. Even for more, the brand is so trust worthy, that we can gift it in a anniversary party or office party. The manufacturer has design the cookware with a modern technology concept that has corrosion & scratch resistant power. The titanium made PFOA and PTFE free non stick pans also don’t react with lemon or citric foods.

The other specification it has like –

  • The types of pan materials has used in it-Premium hard anodized aluminum; most importantly, no harmful metal (lead, cadmium) content. 
  • It has modern thermo spot indicator; so, it turns into red. But, what it means, right? As soon as, the it becomes red; it indicate the pan is completely ready for ingredients.
  • The ergonomic pan handle is also cover with silicon grip o provide us ultimate comfort.
  • The glass lids help us for clear vision whether the food is ready for our plates or not.
  • The pan is comfortable with any stoves; except radiant glass top stoves.
  • The other feature it has like oven safe up to 400F & lids are safe up to 350F. Dishwasher friendly,

In short, these built in features made the T-fall titanium non stick pan, one of the best pans without teflon; in the market.

About T-Fal:

This leading cookware manufacturing company has build a trust with our home & kitchen over more than sixty years. The main motive of this brand is to produce ergonomic toxic less cookware for our kitchen. The brand always come up with simple, modern & clever pots and pan designing ideas. The thermo spot titanium pan is their latest claver idea.


  • No confusion it’s completely dishwasher comfortable.
  • Not toxic material.
  • User friendly ergonomic handles.


  • Price is bit more high.
  • Not oven safe above  400F; it’s comparatively lower than other pans.

4. Enameled Cast Iron Made Natural Nonstick 12.5 Inches Frying Pan By Landhaus.

L Non-toxic Pans

The main motive behind designing this enameled pan, home maker like us can prepare their breakfast, lunch, dinner in a same pan. The enameled feature mainly act like nonstick coating; because of that the pan release foods very easily. The glossy looks of the pan is also very attractive.

This the perfect cookware is fit for any kind of stoves, This pan is oven safe up to the temperature 450F. The types of dishes you can prepare in this pan frying, roast, sauté, braise, The is also perfect for pizza making.

This pans is also best alternative to ordinary non stick pans, as good as ceramic non stick pan. But, few precaution we need measure like-

  • Wash with hot soapy water & hand.
  • Use non metal cooking utensils to avoids scratches.
  • The oven temperature, high temperature may damage the enameled coating.  

About Landhaus:

This French cookware brand makes highest quality cast iron cookware. Their maximum cookware are premium quality cast iron made cookware like Dutch oven, camping cookware, fry pan etc.


  • Non toxic cookware.
  • Perfect for any stove top.


  • Price bit more high.
  • Don’t have lids.
  • Doesn’t mentioned user friendly or not.

5. Ceramic Coated 12″ Non-Stick & Non Toxic Frying Pan With Glass Lids, By Green-Pan:

GP Non stick Pan Without Teflon

The Lima frying pan is designed with the modern technology; for instance, its ceramic coating is called thermolon advanced technology. The thermolon ceramic coating is manufactured without Teflon, polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) or any heavy metal like Cadmium or Lead. Therefore, we don’t face any toxic leaching  problem from this cookware.

Beside that these bake ware also has tons of positive feature like it safe up to 600F and the glass lids are also safe up to 425F. Besides that, it’s also comfortable with any kinds of oven. The interior material of the bake ware is had anodized aluminums; therefore, its durable in nature & also has scratch resistance power.

The handle is made by ergonomic stainless steel; so you doesn’t face any rusting problem in cookware.

About green pan:

The company manufactured most reliable & trusted cookware. They have separate R&D team; as a result, every time they come up with ultra modern, innovative, cleaver design. They also achieve award & their brand history is well popular in the world.


  • Non toxic, eco friendly.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • No rusting problem


  • Bit more pricy.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

6. Stone Earth 12″ Frying Pan 100% APEO & PFOA-Free Non-Stick Frying Pan By Ozeri:

Oz Non-stick toxic less Pans

This frying pans are the best & cheap non toxic frying pans. The cookware facilitate with stone derived ceramic coating, made in Germany. The Ozeri pans also has scratch resistant power & you can easily clan it by hot sop water & soft pad

The interior material of the pans are made by heavy gage hard aluminum; therefore, it very durable in nature. Most importantly the base of the magnetized; therefore, this pans are also induction glass top friendly.

The other feature it has the gripping area or handle is cover with silicon base; because of that you can hold it without gloves. The ceramic coating of this cookware is completely eco- friendly and non- toxic. As a result, you get healthy meal, in dinner or breakfast or in lunches.

About Ozeri:

This brand has an award winning history; because of their modern designing concept, innovative & durable house hold product manufacturing. In other words, they are branded & reliable.  


  • Modern style attractive pan.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Reliable & durable.
  • Eco-friendly cookware material.


  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Don’t have lids.


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