7 Best Pan For Flan (How To Choose it)?

Best pan for flan

Choosing the best pan for flan is very important; especially, if you are like me not only the test is matter. But, also the flan need to look delicious and, amazing on plates. Most flan pans are either nonstick or enameled (micro oven safe) glass; and, these pans are comes with different shave & design. Most importantly, every good looking flan pans are not ergonomic; but, here we will only suggest those cookware which are completely user friendly.

Top 7 flan pan of our choice:

  • Springform Pan Set – 4.5″, 7″, 9.5″, 11″ 4 Pieces Round Nonstick Bake Ware, Cheesecake Pans With Removable Bottom For Mousse.
  • DricRoda 3pcs Set – 9.4″X5.3”/4.8”/4.5”Nonstick Leak Proof Cake Pan, Rectangle/Round/Heart-Shaped Spring Form Pan.
  • Imusa Stainless Steel Flan Mold, Silver bake-ware.
  • Turbo Bee Springform, 3pcs Nonstick Cake Pan Set With  Heart-Shaped, Round, Square Cake Pan, With 50 PCS Parchment Paper Liners And Detachable Bottom.
  • Non-Stick Leak Proof Springform Pan 10 Inch. Professional Quality Cheesecake Baking Mold Pans. With Silicone Handles.
  • Amazon Basics stores 6-Piece Non stick coated Oven Bake-ware Set.
  • Bundt Fluted Pan 8 Inch Nonstick Kugelhopf Carbon Steel Baking Rose Flower Cake Mold.

My first flan making experience is not too much bad; because, I always start from the easiest & simplest one. Every country or state make flan recipe in a bit more different ways. Likewise, Japanese people prefer no-bake flan, Mexican flan are bake at lower temperature (325F-350F); and, south American, Mexico & central American people love crème flan recipe.

1. Fit-Meal-Prep, Springform Round shaped Non-stick Bakeware

best pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan panbest pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan pan

The whole 4 sets of sticky less pans are comes within the budget range & it’s also the tagged for Amazon Choice. The special shaped base portion helps you easy revel facility.

Why We Choose It?

This pan is not just designed for flan or frozen desserts; but, also best suitable for fruitcake, tortes, pizza, Cheesecake preparation.

Moreover you can use this bake ware under pressure cooker or instatpot for pressure cooker types flan making.


The inner core metal construction is industry standard high quality carbon steel. Oven safe up to 230C & also freezer safe. It’s completely BPA fee.

The side release clips & removal bottom feature helps in easy to maintain smooth finished teat. Whole pan sets are completely leak proof. It’s safe under the dishwasher; moreover, 100% money back guarantee.


All pans are round shaped.

2. DricRoda 3pieces Non-stick dessert Spring Pans

best pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan panbest pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan pan

These flan pan sets are the perfect choice for bake loving culinary artists. There are 3 different types of pans are comes with these sets rectangular, round & heart shaped. So, in one time investment you can prepare frozen desserts to mousse cake & also party cakes.

The heart shape sized is 4.5”; for round shape 4.8″ & rectangular shaped is 9.4″X 5.3″.

Why We Choose It?

Little heart shaped cake mold is very cute looking;  very easy to handle whether you are baking or preparing DIY. it’s makes your life most easier than you think.


Completely nonstick coated with harmless Teflon & contracted metal is carbon steel. The thermal conductivity of carbon steel is much higher than the stainless steel; so, evenly heat distribution facility.

The side edges can be tighten using side clip & it’s leak proof. Removal bottom helps you to remove the delicious cake without broken edges.

Flat smooth cooking base of the pan help to easy releasing the foods. But, nylon or wooden utensils are only recommended.

Very easy to clean up only pour it under worm water & gentle brush with soft pad is enough for cleaning.


Non-compatible with dishwasher hand washing is only recommended.

3. Imusa Stainless Steel Flan Mold, Silver Bake-Ware

best pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan panbest pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan pan

 This 7″ round shaped pan is completely made by scratch resistant stainless steel. I have tried flan preparation with this pan under the pressure cooker & also with water bath; it’s works fantastic. However; this was an Mexican style flan recipe.

Why We Choose It?

The IMUSA SS flan pan helps you to make not only the perfect non broken flan cakes; but also you can prepare other types of desserts & cakes.

This brand is completely US based you no need to pay extra import duty. It produces hundreds of house-ware products like gadgets, appliances, espresso, etc.


If you are really conscious on you & your family health issues; then you must try to avoids any types of teflon coating cookware. Tough, the modern teflon coating is completely free from the POFA & PTFE.

Three adjustable clips on side wall helps you to make the bake-ware completely air tight. The other feature it has like very easy to clean, dishwasher safe; most importantly value for money.

Oven safe temperature is 400F & it compatible for freezer uses.


Two Container Product Picture Might Confused You; In Other Words, You Will Get Only One Container

4. Turbo Bee Springform 3pcs Nonstick Cake Pan Sets

best pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan panbest pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan pan

This  pan has all the same as DricRoda flan pan (No-2); but also it has few extra. we will cover this portion only.

The bottom portion of this bake-ware is bubble shaped; that’s help you especially for easy releasing the desserts or cakes. You will get square shaped spring form pan instead of  rectangular shaped.

Other feature is has high temperature resistant, save the baking time; safer & healthier.

Why We Choose It?

It comes with 50 pcs parchment paper liners and detachable bottom. The price range is also affordable.

5. Boxiki Kitchen Professional Quality Pans/ Baking Mold

best pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan panbest pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan pan

The produces convenience quality bake-ware for kitchens. This bake-ware helps you to make endless flan, cakes, cheesecakes, etc. If you want come out from the traditional pan form flan preparation then it’s a perfect product for you.

Why We Choose It?

1st of all its attractive & ergonomic design construction. Red silicon texture BPA free handle really provides sturdy comfortable gripping facility. This is a perfect low budget giftable bake-ware.

Most importantly you will get a free professional cake preparation e-book with 65 dessert recipe.


Scratch approved completely out of danger nonstick coating facilitate easy releasing cakes from the pan. Can be use for multi types dessert or cake preparation. This spring form pan completely leak approved, that help to prevent the messy spill over from the pan.

The diameter of the pan is 10″ & depth 2.2″; that is enough for making a flan for 7-9 people. Thermal safe up to temperature 445F and also safe under freezer & dishwasher.


Only one colored product is available, no variation.

6. Amazon Basics Stores 6-Pieces Non-Stick Oven Safe Bake-Ware Sets

best pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan panbest pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan pan

This is Amazon product & perfect under budget giftable bake-ware. No matter whether you are preparing cakes, muffins, desserts. Complete baking sets comes with one loaf pan, 12 cup muffin pan, 2 round shaped flan pan, one roast pan & one baking sheet.

Warning: Do not use metallic spatula for food releasing or don’t put under it in a toaster.

Why We Choose It?

Firstly, it directly comes from Amazon. Secondly, The price range is very low & very easy to clean.


Complete set made with heavy weighted carbon steel. The harmless nonstick coating helps in minimalist effortless food releasing from the pan. No leak no messy spill over issue.

Heat flows uniformly throughout the bake-ware & no wrapping or hotspot issue. Oven safe till 500F.


The product quality is relatively cheap as compared to other flan/ cake bake-ware. Hand washing is only recommended, non compatible with dishwasher.

No Springform, so you may need an additional parchment paper may required.

7. Bundt Fluted Carbon Steel Baking Rose Flower Cake Mold

best pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan panbest pan for flan, best pans for flan best flan pan

This cake mold is really very useful if you want to try something different types. The flan or any other cakes with rose shaped looking very attractive.

Tips For Maintenance:  Always clean up before use & dry it with soft cloth; after uses cleanup the residues with plastic scraper. Don’t use any hard metallic brush, it lower down the  durability.

Lightly pre heat the mold pan before use it.

Why We Choose It?

This Bundt pan heavier than most comparable brands, assuring with premium quality nonstick baking ware will heat evenly for years of baking. In addition, You will get 2 random color silicon brush.


Made with heavy gauges carbon steel, Elegant appearance is really eye catching. It’s nonstick coated so it already delivered easy cake releasing & clean up facility. The diameter is 8.85″ & depth is 3.54″.

It’s a completely versatile leak proof mold pan; that can use for multi types cake or dessert preparation.


Hand washing is only recommended. Because of too many edges cleanup process is bit more time consuming.

What Type Of Pans Do You Use For Flan Making?

Best Flan Pan

Well its totally depends on us; in general we prefer toxic free non stick coated hard anodized aluminum pans.

However, toxic-free pans are not only free from POFA and, POFS; but, it also free from the harmful heavy metals like lead, cadmium, etc.

Lastly, you can make this delicious dessert on the oven-safe glass cupcake pans; and, it’s absolutely fine. But we prefer the former one. In addition, glass cupcake pans are mainly used for “No-bake flan recipe”.

The toxin less metallic cupcake bakeware comes with different shapes, heart, round, flower bowls, triangle. Similarly, these cookwares also have the facilities like removal bottom or ring, springform.

What Are The Check List We Need To Follow Before Buying The Best Pan For Flan?

  • The Pan Material: The pan must be free from any harmful metal or chemical. So, always select your flan pans from branded cookware companies. Moreover, you can get best quality pans for flan making within the $20- $30 ranges. In general, these pans have long lasted, no rusting problem; and, one-time investment with high ROI.
  • Dishwasher Safety: Everyone is busy in their daily scheduling life style. So, it’s not possible to daily fight with the cookware’s by our hands. We have selected only hose baking sets which are safe in dishwasher.
  • Ergonomic Cookware Design: Ergonomic flan pans must have the easy grip facility; even few of our selected pans have BPA free silicon handles. It’s completely leaf proof. So, you need not to face messy spills over.
  • Oven safe: The bake ware must be safe up to 375F. We have keep in mind and, suggest you to buy only those cookware which are safe at medium high heat temperature.
  • Easy revel foods: Nonstick & enameled glass cake pans have this facilities.
  • Easy To Clean: You can clean the suggested flan bake ware in very easy way. Just pour it into worm soap water and, gentle silicon pad rub is enough to clean the flan pans.

What is flan?

Best Flan Making

The fal is made by eggs, whole crème condensed milk and, artificial flavor. In general, flan dessert are two types baked custard with top caramel & sweet pastry types (fruit flan).

Egg based custard flan is mainly baked on water bath under oven. The flan is most popular dessert in Spain & Latin America.

How To Make Flan Step By Step?

The Ingredients Required For Flan:

  • Regular Sugar:  each 1/2 cup for two times and 1 table spoon with eggs.
  • water: 1/5 cup or 4 table spoon.
  • Whole milk (personally I like to make flan using low fat milk and)  16 ounce
  •  Whole eggs 3 pieces and, 2 egg yolk
  • lemon extract flavor.

The Flan Recipe Method

Step 1:

Prepare the caramel:  add the half cup regular granular sugar on saucepans; and, add the water. After that, boil it at medium heat (250F); and, closed the pan with lids.

Moreover, continually toss the pan; make sure all sugar must be diluted with water. when The caramel turns into deep brown and little bit thick, put it on the flan baking dish.

In addition you have to take care the caramel must be equally spread over the base of the flan baking pan. The ideal flan dish sizes for small home party (4 to7 members) are 8″ to 12″.

Step 2:

Heat the milk with second half cup sugar. Most importantly, don’t boiled the milk. On other hand you have to take care the sugar must be diluted completely within the milk.

Step 3:

Whisk the eggs with sugar and, pinch of salt; after that, add the lemon flavor, You can add whatever you like. Whisk all together finely.

Step 4:

Slowly add the hot milk within the eggs and continues whisk it. Don’t do it reversely. After that,  the mixture into the flan cake pan and insert in to the oven for hot water bath baking.

Bake it for 45 minutes to one hour; at a temperature 360F to 400F.

Step 5:

Keep the flan into the room temperature; until it comes at room temperature. Insert it into refrigerator and, keep it for at least 4 to 5 hour or overnight.

The flan is ready.


Can You Make Flan In any Metal Pans?

Yes, we always prefer, to make this dessert on a ton toxic and, nonstick metal pans. However, you can also use BPA free silicone baking trays

Can You Make Flan In A Cake Pan?

Yes You can make flan in a cake pans. Carbon Steel cupcake or flan bake ware are also good for flan making.

What Are The Best Substitute Pan For Flan?

Any non toxic non stick or ceramic coated bake ware which has at least some dept can be pan substitute for flans; because the flan need to be thick in height.

GreenPan or T-fal nonstick coated titanium made fry pan can be best substitute pan for flan.

Should We covered The Flan when baking?

No, It’s not required. During baking time we always use water bath procedure. Lastly, during refrigeration time, yes we cover it. Lastly, use any knife for detaching the sides & invert it.

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