Best Recirculating Range Hoods Review With Buying Guide-2020

Best Recirculating Range Hoods

As per my knowledge, a kitchen without a range hood is like a person without a hand. Every kitchen must 3 appliances oven or cook-top, cookware sets & kitchen hood. The range hood not only purifies the kitchen air quality it also saves the hustle from sticky grease oil; and, filter out the lamp black carbon, cooking smells, smells of food residues, etc.

But, the question is why ductless range hood? We have chosen the best recirculating range hoods based on various different parameters. In the short answer is very easy to install, lower maintenance cost, effortless time shaving cleaning facilities; the price range is lower than ducted one.

Read more about range hood maintenance.

What is ductless or recirculating range hoods?

The ductless range hoods are installed on the kitchen wall. Unlike the ducted range hoods, which passing out the toxic air through a vented pipe, the ductless directly exhaust out the smokes outside of the kitchen wall.

In recirculating under cabinet range hood you don’t need to sacrifice the kitchen shelves. Moreover, it will only remove air during the cooking process; less energy expenditure, no extra cost for ventilation pipe, overall it’s a good deal for narrower kitchen space holders. 

How good are ductless range hoods?

For the home kitchen, a ductless range hood is a perfect choice. But, yes vented kitchen hoods are sometimes more effective than the ductless one; especially if you compare with wall mount hanging range hoods.

Moreover, if you have a small kitchen space then must go for recirculating range hoods. The main benefit is space-saving. Lastly, under cabinet range hoods perfectly catches all oil greases, lamp black carbons; and, most importantly it’s a best under budget choice for you.

Where Ducted Range Hoods Beat The Recirculating Range Hoods?

If The recirculating range hoods circulate the air insides the kitchen, instead of exhaust it out; and, especially if you don’t use the charcoal filter. But, if you install it on sidewall & have an exhaust passage to vent out the hot oily moisture air, then it’s a good choice.

Do You Know This?

By installing a charcoal filter in your kitchen hood, it can be converted into a recirculating range hood. There are three types of range hood filter charcoal filter, baffle filters and honeycomb filters.

Best Recirculating Range Hoods in 2020:

There are two types of ductless range hood as per the construction design for-

1st one is under cabinet (Check no- 1 to 3) suitable for you in case if you have small kitchen space holders.

The 2nd one is wall-mounted hoods (Check no- 4 to 6), for larger kitchen space holders.

1. Hauslane Chef Series UC-PS18SS Convertible Under Cabinet Range Hood

The modern looks are really very attractive & eye-catching, that makes it a perfect contemporary kitchen hood. The PS18 model is really very beneficial & perfect choice for busy hustle environment.

This powerful machine not only clean the grease smokes & fumes, but also added the ultra innovative industrial touches in your kitchen.

Hauslane vent hood really helps you to enjoy the family dinner or meal, no need to waiting for exhaust out the cooking fumes or food smells. The touch panel provides ergonomic instant control ventilation feature; If you use the auto shut off safety feature it will automatically vent out smells from the room.

This vent hood comes with two different variations 30″ & 36″. Our personal experience with the matte black set really beneficial, it looks less dirty,


  • The motor comes with innovative cutting edge technology; have strong suction power (860 cfm), due to powerful motor. Moreover, the 6 different speed setting gives you the ultimate control of playing with noise level & suction power.
  • Three different ventilation attributes. On the top portion either 6″ round adapter or 10″*3-1/4″ rectangular adapter, on the backside the10″*3-1/4″ rectangular adapter.
  • The stainless steel body construction has strong corrosion & absorption resistant.
  • PS18 model comes with 2 baffle filters, completely dishwasher safe, very durable against different chemicals or physical damages.
  • The Sleek buttonless LED display operates with touches; just one effortless wipe don with soft dry cotton towel & it’s completely clean up. Lastly no need to fighting with cotton buds to take out the greases from the button cracks.
  • We have found the cooking fumes contain Carcinogens; inhaling this substance for a long time can cause for lung cancer (source). Hausladen ventilation system is so powerful that keeps out all the cooking fumes from your kitchen.


  • Hauslane is a trusted brand, delivered high-quality service; and always come up with innovative ideas to developed modern kitchen appliances.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Scratch approved stainless steel body.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Complete control over noise level & motor speed.


  • The installation process is a bit more difficult.
  • price range is high

2. Cosmo 5MU- 30″ & 36″ Under Cabinet Convertible Range Hood

The brand value & demands for Cosmo are continuously increasing in this contemporary time frame. More than 1k people only from the US cites are looking for this brand because it’s the best budget-friendly convertible recirculating range hoods.

Cosmo MU model right fit for narrower kitchen space holders it, can set perfectly right underneath of a cabinet. MU series vent hood comes with two different models 30 inches & 36″ & weight is 14-Lb & 19-Lb respectively.

The Mu series produce the noise level 56 dB & 65 dB, which is close to the restaurant standard noise level. Product dimension of 36” model is (19.5″ width)*(35.25″ length)*(5.5″ height), operating voltage is 120/60hz volts; and duct size is round-shaped 5″ diameter.


  • Flexible under price vent hood, you can use it as recirculating, or ductless or even ducted. To use it as a recirculating kitchen hood you have to use the CFK4 carbon filter. The air will be passed out from the front gaps.
  • Slim profile space-saving design makes this product is most suitable for condos & apartments.
  • The full body is brushed 400 series stainless steel finished, thickness 20 gauge. The seamless design foremost body makes effortless easy cleaning.
  • When it comes to filter cosmos provide us with aluminum reusable mesh filter for trapping the grease filter. You have to clean the mesh filter at least twice in a year & it’s completely dishwasher safe.
  • The 5 sleek stainless steel push-button command over operating the fan speed. Three different fan speed help you to adjust your need the motor is 200 cfm.
  • The three Lumen LED light to clarify the visibility & ensure energy savings. Lastly as per the manufacturer instruction you need to install this kitchen hood between 24 to 30 inches above the cook-tops.


  • The price range is very affordable.
  • Completely trusted & well-known brand product.
  • Easily adjust within a smaller kitchen cabinet.


  • No carbon filter comes with the product.
  • you need to put extra effort to clean out the grease from the button cracks.

3. Broan PM250 & PM390 Series Affordable Range Hood Insert 2020

The Broan Nutone is a versatile, cheap ventilation hood insert that fulfils our basic kitchen needs in two ways; like easy ventilation & over the headlight. The aluminium body makes it extremely lit weighted & you can fit it a wall or perfectly set underneath the kitchen cabinet.

The model comes with two different variation one is PM250 & another one is PM390. If you relatively higher budget over 200$, then go for the PM390. This set can also become a convertible range model; you have to purchase the carbon filter kit 357NDK.

Minimum height of installation is 24″, recommended by the manufacturer. The EPA survey report says some time indoor air quality even 5 time worse than the outdoor air quality. Broan over more than 80 years provides unique trustable ventilation facility


Appearance:  Plain aluminium & stainless steel body, durable & scratch approved. The aluminium construction makes the PM 390 model relatively lighter. Duct hole is on the top portion- 7″ diameter. Aluminium or Stainless Steel mesh filter is washable & dishwasher friendly,


Aluminium8.4lb20.5 x 2.5 x 11.25 inches
STAINLESS STEEL7.4lb10.18 x 21 x 9.5 inches


Aluminium16lb11.25 x 9.63 x 20.5 inches
STAINLESS STEEL17.8lb10.18 x 21 x 9.5 inches

Suction power: PM250 & PM390 has two high speed motor exhaust fan 250cfm & 390cfm; and both are exhaust at 8.0 stones, 6.0 stones respectively. In addition, the 3-speed centrifugal blower gives you full control over fan speed.

Functionality types: You can also use it as a recirculating range hood by installing the carbon filter. I also provide an ergonomic facility with ADA compliant situation. Dedicated 2 & 3 rocker wall switch to turn it on or off.

Extra-Features: Most attractive feature, we have founds here in PM390 model the heat sensor. I automatically adjust the fan speed to suck out the toxin air from the hustle.


  • The heat sensor automatically turns on the fan, if you forget to on the vent hood.
  • You can purchase each & everybody parts separately.
  • Minimal effort is required for cleaning.
  • 40 watt


  • No non-duct filter kit comes with the package.
  • Relatively old modelled.
  • Some time fans are stayed on; even if you turn off the vent hood. Mostly it’s due to the high temperature in the kitchen environment.
  • Need to extra effort to clean out the sticky grease from switch panel cracks.

4. Cosmo 63175S Wall Mounted Convertible Range Hoods

This is another fibulas recirculating wall mounted range hood that chosen for Amazon best choice. The bottom base is 30 inches long; the modern looks with the best budget-friendly high performance, grab our attention for the recommendation.

As per NIH the cooking-related contaminated exposure remarkably increases the pulmonary effects, which can create respiratory diseases.

The 63175S model has 380 cfm suction power; so, it can easily the kitchen space get instantly rid of the harmful pollutants’, odours & sticky grease elements.


  • The full-body appears as a sleek looking, brushed finished premium quality stainless. 400 series 20 gauge stainless steel is used to construct the vent hood.
  • Product dimension is 30″*19.75″*39.4″, operating voltage is 120V. No push button, soft-touch easy digital control can make your life smoother. If you are looking for something big then you can go for 36″ 63190 model with the push-button feature.
  • The attached 25.6″ chimney hides the duct pipe passes along the rear wall, up to the ceiling. However, if you facing any duct issues or have a shortage of space; then it has an option for recirculating one; you have to purchase the CFK1-TM carbon filter.
  • Two stainless steel ARC-FLOW baffle fitter comes with these sets. They are durable, scratch approved; and lastly dishwasher cleaning friendly.
  • Three single pieces of motor provide enough airflow and 3 stage fan speed control. The high, low medium suction power is suitable for different cooking.
  • At front side two 2w LED lights are attached at the bottom portion, it provides an effective energy-saving solution to light up the cooking spot.


  • This vent hood is quiet less noisy, produces 65db maximum noise.
  • Facilitate with a powerful motor.
  • Perfect product at a reasonable price


  • More space consuming.
  • No free charcoal kit

5. ZLINE KB Series Wall Mounted Recirculating Range Hood

In one sentence we love the product for its outstanding high suction power with multi-stage fan speed control, durable body. The KB series really looking gourmet with the vent & filters for trapping the smokes & grease elements.

This model comes with two variations 30″ & 36″, if you have a relatively higher budget then you can go for the later one.

Actually my friend Emma recently took a decision to remodel her kitchen. But, when it comes for ducting work she was a bit more confusing to pick perfect vent hood. She has two option COSMOS & ZLINE both are a very good product. Finally, she picked ZLINE KB series for high suction power; because she loves to cook various fast food, especially on every weekend.


We can use it as a ducted hood and as well as a convertible. But, for ductless you have to purchase carbon filter separately.

Full body constructed with 430 brushed finished 21 gauge thick stainless steel, which is very nice & impressive.

Has a chimney extension, easily fit within 7ft to 12ft ceiling height.

The suction power is 760cfm, which is very high & also featured with 4 speed tough sensitive electronic filters.

Two 20 watt halogen light provides enough brightness, you don’t need any other light source for cooking.

Stainless steel made, dishwasher safe 3 layer baffle filter helps to catches the smokes, stream & grease elements.   


  • High suction power means more air purification.
  • Produce very low-level noise 56db.
  • No rusting issue.


  • Price range is high
  • Heavily weighted 40lb.
  • Consume more kitchen space.

6. Winflo W103C30-Series Convertible Wall Mounted Range Hood

There are 4 hood sets- 1st one comes with 2 charcoal filter, 2nd one with 2 baffle filter, 3rd one aluminum mesh, 4th one is stainless steel panel. These product sets are the perfect under budget wall mount vent hood that comes with multiple filter option.

You can purchase the baffle/ aluminum filter/ panel model, & make it convertible hood with WRHF003S2 charcoal filter (need to buy separately).

Winflo 30″ model product dimension is 19.21″ x 29.5″ x 36.22″ and operating voltage is 110 Volts; it’s fixed for everyone. This brand offers more than 200 ETL certified range hood model with high-quality innovative design to enhance the kitchen beauty.


Highly developed engineered components ensure product safety & as well as the vent hood quality feature. Brushed finished premium quality stainless steel made body; enhance the interior beauty.

The telescope shaped chimney can easily fit within 7.5ft to 8.4ft ceiling; extension for the high ceiling is also available; model no WRHCE03. To protect the back worm wind flow damper part included with baffle filters hood sets.

Vent location is in the top portion with a flexible ductwork connection facility. When it comes to suction power, the motor is featured with 400cfm; and noise production level is 65db, 50 sones. very impressive isn’t?

Push-button control panel with 3 stages airflow controlling feature. For carbon filter set 6″ round vent present on the top portion. One switch is for power control, 3 for fan speed & 4th one is for light.

Two soft bright emitting LED’s are present on the front base portion near the filter handles.

The baffle or mesh filter even the stainless steel filter panel, they are very easy to clean, dishwasher safe.


  • Valuable product within a budget.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • easy cleaning.


  • Need put extra effort to clean out the greases from the button cracks.

How Do I Choose A Ductless Range Hood? Buying Guide:

There are several parameters you check carefully before purchasing any recirculating vent hood. like-

Kitchen Hood Size:

For house kitchen, people are looking for two types of range hoods 30″ & 36″. 48″ kitchen hoods are used for commercial purposes.

Mainly there are 3 types of range hoods are in the under cabinet, wall mounted & island range hoods. Each model can easily be converted into ductless one. We just need additional recirculating filters.

Based on your kitchen size you can choose any types of model. Basically island range hoods are directly hanging from the ceiling, if you are cooking in the middle portion of your kitchen & have larger space, it really enhances the kitchen beauty.

Body Construction:

Stainless Steel Island Range Hood

There is no doubt stainless steel are the best option for the body. 20 or 21 gauge premium quality 400 series (420/ 430 grade) stainless steel or surgical stainless steel is the best option. These are highly effective against scratches. Even it doesn’t react with citrus or detergent solution.

Effectiveness Or Suction Power:

Specifically non-ducted range hoods CFM (cubic feet per minute) power is much lower as compared to the convertible hoods. Any recirculating range hood must have at least 200cfm suction power.

Best choice for ducted hoods is above 400cfm. If you are cooking at under cabinet portion & have smaller kitchen area then Cosmos MU model is the best option for you.

Noise Level:

Range hood motors are vibrated with suction fans. At a higher speed, it vibrate at a higher frequency, which is noisy. So, make sure you check the noise level of any vent hood before you purchase it.

Range Hood Panel

5 sones or 52 dB noise level arises during the human conversation. Low noisy ductless/ convertible range hoods are more pricy; so check your budget before picking any kitchen hood.

Panel filters reduces the noise level at a certain level.

Types Of Filter:

There are 4 types of filter. baffle, mesh or honeycomb, panel one & with charcoal filter any ducted range hood can convert into non-ducted. Duct option is the best choice; but, if you have exhaust issue then you can go with the 4th option (ductless filter).

The 1st three types of filter are dishwasher safe. Charcoal filter sucks the grease element, odours & re-circulate the air within the kitchen.

Extra Facilities:

 What types of switch panels are comes with the hood, push-button, or sleek digital touches. The most ultramodern feature comes with Cosmos QS75, controlling the fan speed with remote switches. This model also has a digital display control panel.

The different hood model provides different fan speed control facility, 3 stages or 4 stage fan speed control facility. Broan 36″ vent hood model has a heat sensor, it automatically adjusts the fan speed with kitchen needs.  

The Budget:

Except for 2 or 3 reputed range hood model, most of the convertible range hood price range is over $150. We have selected a few best-quality ductless & convertible range hood models that are perfectly suitable for the under budget consumers.

Benefits Of Ductless Range Hoods:

The benefit of ductless range hoods are- it can be installed anywhere within the kitchen area. Yes, it trapped the greases, smokes and other cooking contaminates. but, it passes the airflow within the kitchen.

So, sometimes cooking smells are not completely removed from the kitchen area.


How Long Do Recirculating Charcoal Filters Last?

In general, you need to replace the carbon filter after every 4 to 6 months. I have mentioned the time frame because it depends on two factor-

No 1. what are you cooking? spicy fast food or healthy recipes

2nd. Are you cooking on daily basis ?

It can stay fit for maximum of 6 months, but, after that it stop working.

Do Recirculating Range Hoods Really Work?

Yes, it works; But ducted range hoods are more effective as compared to the ductless one.

Island Range Hood Window Facing

But, if you have any open window near cooking space, then ductless vent hoods can closely compete with duct one. The exhaust mouth must be straight towards window direction.

Do Recirculating kitchen Hoods Remove cooking smell & Steam completely?

Sorry, here the ductless range hood failed to compete with ducted hoods. It removes the grease & cooking contaminates; but, unable to removes the moisture or steams arises from the cooking.


Our recommended, top quality recirculating range hoods brands are completely fulfilling your searching needs. But, in case if you don’t like these brands you can directly search on Amazon, these are the most popular top-selling range hood brands, are in the US markets.

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