Best Way To Store Cucumbers cuts & Slices Fresh For Longer

Best Way To Store Cucumbers Cuts

In very short- you can Best way to store cucumbers cuts under refrigerator within 10C to 16C temperature. Just wash it slice it, sprinkle some salts, wrap with soft weight towel; lastly pore it under a container or BPA free plastic zip-lock bag and place it under the refrigerator. You can either keep it as slicing one or make ice cube or may be through pickling.

The cumber is a super healthy good food for our daily diets. These amazing food is not only low in calorie; but also rich in many minerals and also has huge health benefits.

Now before I guide you In a detailed way to preserving the cucumber cuts fresh for long time; you need must to know the types of cucumber.

  • This super food is available is available with multiple color. There are two types consumable & non-edible types; the consumable types are further classified into slicing & pickling.
  • Basically slicing types cucumbers are longer with thicker peeled as compared to pickling one. Moreover, deep green slicing cucumbers are harvested for eating as fresh as possible.
  • The most common slicing cucumbers are harvested in the US market Slicemaster, Victory, Dasher, Sprint and Burpee Hybrid (Source-WHF). The Pickling Types are Pioneer, Royal, Bounty,Calypso, Regal, Blitz, etc.

So, now I will describe several method & techniques in a step by step way-

Best Practice Before The Preserve Cucumbers Cut Fresh For Longer

Step 1. Washing:

Your 1st task is to clean the cucumber at cool water (temperature must be under 10C- 20C). Either you submerge the cuke under the water & rub it properly or wash it under flowing water it doesn’t matter.

Step 2. Peeled Off:

Now, you can keep the skin or may be peeled it off, that’s totally your choice. You can use potato peeler for skin removal. Don’t put much pressure on peeler otherwise inside lite green portion will be wasted along with the peeled skin.

Step 3. Slice It:

Use any sharp kitchen knife for slicing don’t make the slice too much tick or even too thin. If you are planning for pickling then go for thin one.

How To Keep Cut Cucumbers Fresh For Longer Time Period:

Method No: 1. Storing the cucumber slices under the Ziploc bags:

wet a soft cotton or paper towel (if you are using the paper towel don’t soak it) in a cold water. Arrange the slices on the towel, then wrap it completely. Now insert in under the zip-lock bag. Little bit air on the bag is good; no need to suck out all the air from the bag. Finally make it air tight.

Must try to avoid storing it at deep freeze temperature (0C) or with those foods which produces ethylene gases. Cucumbers are very intuitive with this gases & it spoiled quickly. You can also use normal plastic bags if there is no ethylene gas releasing foods.

Method No: 2. Keep The Cucumber Slices Under The Air-Tight Bowl:

First dry the cukes with soft paper towel; the flatly arrange the cucumbers on the bowl. You can arrange them in single layer or double layer it really don’t matter a lot.

Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the top layer & mixed the salt uniformly with cucke’s. Though you can directly store it without salts. Salts make the cucumbers in pulpy; so if you are planning to make crunchy cucumber salad then just avoid the salts.

Method No: 3. Keep The Whole Peeled Cucumber Crunchy For Long Time:

Just wash the whole cucumber under running water; dry it completely with soft paper napkins. Lastly wrap a lite wetted cotton or paper towel & pore in under a zip-lock bag & store it under recommended temperature.

The cucumber will perfectly stay crunchy for 3 to 4 days. you can make salad or any eat it as a food whatever you like.

Method No: 4. Make Cucumber slice ice & eat it when you like:

Cucumber ice cubes are use for multiple reason. You can make face pack or just for regular diet. The ice making procedure for skin is completely different; you have to blend the cucumber first then you need to store it.

In case, you are consuming the cucumber only as a crunchy salad then try to avoid this because it will make food  mushy.

Last Tips for you:

This super food is not only a mineral rich healthy one; but, it also contain lots of anti oxidant & has anti inflammatory property. The cucumber is excellent source of silica, which boost  in collagen formation. Collagen helps to maintain healthy hair, nail & skins.  

Method No: 5. Preserve it as Popsicle’s:

I loved this delicious food. Thinly sliced the cucumbers squish the lemon; blend lemon juice with few cumber then put slices under popsicle cubes. lastly fill the cubes with blended lemon juice mixture.

Method No: 6. Preserve it as health Drink:

Cucumber juice is very healthy & as well as very beneficial for us. But you can preserve cucumbers slices the  under lemon mint water & drink it whenever you like.

But, don’t preserve it more than 3 days & always store in under wide mouth juice bottle.


How Long Do Cut Cucumbers Last At Room Temp?

Sliced cucumbers are stay fine at room temperature up to 12 hours if you preserve it under a air tight bowl. After that don’t try to consume these slices, it’s completely non recommended. In general whole peeled cucumbers are stay good at room up to 1 week.

It may be less than a week if are living near the equatorial area even in this hot humid area sliced cuckes are not fine up to 12 hours.

How Long Will Cucumbers In Vinegar Last In The Refrigerator?

Vinegar marinated cucumbers are stay good up to 3 to 4 days; if, you preserve it under air tight zip lock bags or a container.

How Do You Know When A Cucumber Is Bad

After 5 to 7 days under refrigerator (it depends on how you keep them & what are the surrounding foods are present in the same freeze), it completely becomes yellowish, the end portions are turns into very soft. Moreover, bad smells are comes out from it.

How Long Can You Keep Sliced Cucumber?

If you are making cucumber pickling & add preserver, then obliviously you can store it for up to 3 to 5 months.

But, sliced cucumbers are stay fine under refrigerator till 48 hours.   

How To Keep Cucumbers Crisp?

After following pre preserve procedure dry the whole peeled cucumber with paper towel. Wrap each & every cucumber with paper towel & store it either under the air-tight container or ziplock (BPA free) plastics.

Warning: Stay out the cucumber bag from foods like apples, bananas, mango, cherimoyas, apricots, avocados, cantaloupe, etc. These foods are produces ethylene gas, which not good for cucumber.

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