Black Cube Pan Reviewed- In May 2022.

The black cube brand produces excellent stainless steel nonstick pots & pans. These are the hybrid cookware. If you are planning to purchase steel-based nonstick pans, then this is the perfect one.

The “black cube” name comes from the cubical shaped nonstick layer engraving on the pan surface.

In short, the “Back c=Cube” pans are scratch-proof & highly thermal safe. The multiply body prevents the hotspot, delivers energy-efficient cooking performance.

Removing process of burnt foods from a nonstick pan is a bit more complicated. But, thanks to back cubes for producing the dishwasher safe pans and pots.

Most of the black cube pots and pans are different from traditional non-stick culinary; these are hybrid cookware. Their culinarys’ are constructed same way like Hexaclad cookware are made.

What Types Of Nonstick Coating Are They Using On The Pans?

Black cube applied POFA free nonstick coating on their pans. Moreover, It’s also free from Gen-X. The brand doesn’t inform what chemical they used to invent these pans.

I’m 100% sure they didn’t use ceramic, granite, or anodized coating on these pans. All of this cookware is NSF certified.

You will love to use metallic spatulas on these pans; it’s safe. This nonstick layer is different from the conventional Teflon coating. Even, you can safely insert them under an oven. All pans are oven safe up to 500F.

A cubical nonstick inscription protects the foods to stick on the cooking surface. Except for the hybrid cookware, most of the nonstick pans have a smoother texture. A flattened base is suitable for low heat cooking.

But, at high heat, a smoother surface burned foods. Foods that direct contact with the cooking spots. T-fall titanium coated frying pans have the same feature.

What Is NSF Certification?                                   

The National Science Foundation is a sovereign agency under the US government. This agency works as an R&D buddy in non-medical fields.

NSF certificates provide the guarantee, whether the product meets the food safety standard. A routine wise on-site inspection is carried-on. To check whether the brand is maintaining this standard or not. NSF Certification is not a one-time event.

Which Pans & Pots Are The Healthiest To Use?

The healthiest cookware’s are ceramic, granite & anodized pots & pans. People avoid Teflon sets because it contains POFA, PTFE & Gen-X. But, modern technology separates these toxin chemicals from Teflon.

However, Teflon cookwares are still not safe. They release the contagion fumes at high heat. Over a while, the layers also start flaking off.

Most of the ceramic & anodized cookware are oven-safe till 375F, 450F respectively. Well-seasoned cast-iron & enameled pots & pans are considered health proof nonstick cookware.

A BPA free silicone & glass bakeware is also safe for baking.

Are Black Cube Pans Worth It?

Before I told you the answer, let’s discuss each & every aspect critically.

The black cube is not only the first brand that manufactures hybrid cookware. T-fal professional & hexaclad frying pans are also designed with the same concept.

Hybrid cookware is a combination of POFA free nonstick-coating & multi-clad stainless steels. Moreover, these pans don’t have to flatten/ smooth cooking surface.

The 12″- 15″ pans are big enough to bake 2lb chicken breasts.

Effectiveness Of Nonstick Coating:

The nonstick surface gives you the best result when you cook at a low temperature. You will love to enjoy the eggs over easy with this pan. A significant advantage we can get from this pan is-oil free cooking.

However, this is only possible if you cook at a low temperature. After a specific temperature, the nonstick layers lost their effectiveness. So, whenever you go for an oil-free egg omelet preparation, do set the stove-top temperature at low heat.

oil free egg omlet cooking

Metallic spatulas don’t ruin the surface. This pan has that resistant power to prevent scratches. But, never chops anything on these pans.

Kitchen knives have sharp edges that can strike through the nonstick layer. These hybrid pans are oven safe up to 500F. But if you use them for high heat recipes, do season the pan at least thrice a year.

Pan Construction:

Three different metals used to construct the bases of the pans. The Interior wall & exterior wall is stainless steel & the outer surface attracts the magnets. A sandwiched aluminum metal impact-bonded between these two-layer. 

This types of pan construction help in 4 ways-

  • It makes the cookware compatible with induction ranges.
  • Prevent hotspot appearance chances. So, the foods don’t get burned on it.
  • The steel is non-reactive with foods & prevents the core aluminum from leaching minerals in foods.
  • You can use the hard scrubber to remove burned-on elements from the pan bottoms.

The tapered edges help to pour the liquids suitably. All edges are sealed, so dishwasher soaps don’t get in contact with the inner aluminum layer.

Despite this three layer construction, these pans are not heavy weighted.

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Every pan has a riveted joint handle, unprotected & brush finished texture on it. They are sturdy enough to give you a good lifting facility.

The forked starting handles prevent the heats to heated up the bars. I hope you know that stainless steels are a terrible conductor of heat, unlike aluminum. As a result, two thin & tiny “Y” bars, unable to increases the whole handle mass temperature.

Most of the panhandles are bloated in the middle, which helps the users to grip it comfortably.


Lids do not necessarily come with the pans; it’s optional. If you want a pot or pan with a lid, you have to pay extra for it. Black cube used the premium quality glasses for lids manufacturing.

All edges are either protected with stainless steels or silicone grips & they are boiler safe till 350F. A silicone protected lid is unsafe for oven uses, but they make the cookware fully air-tight.


You will love to enjoy the effortless cleaning facility. They are compatible with dishwasher cleaning.

But, my advice is to go for hand washing. Do follow the smart way to clean them effectively; no hand fighting is required.

If the cooking surface stick with burned foods, never immerse/ rinsed it with cold water. Let the pan to clam at room temperature. Now fill it with water & place it on the stovetops.

When the water starts boiling, add some baking soda to it, stirred with a soft spatula. A wooden spatula is do recommended; alternatively, you can use silicone spatulas. Within a few minutes, all burned on foods will be diluted in hot water.

If the sticky greases are still left on it, add some liquid soap & gently scrub with a nylon scrubber. All of them will be clean.

Other Aspects:

Regular use can discolor these pots & pans. So, to protect the nonstick surface, polymerization is required; at least once in two months.

The sprays can also make it sticky. That’s why healthy good vegetable oils are best for cooking.

Finally, we can say the black cube pans are an excellent product, & worth it. But, they are not cheaper, so if you can afford them, then go for it.

How To Seasoned Black Cube Cookware?

  • Before you seasoned these black cube pans, clean them properly.
  • Do slightly heated up on a stove.
  • Add a teaspoon of flaxseed or canola oil to it.
  • Smear it thinly, only on the nonstick areas. You can use a cotton bud or paper towel for smearing.
  • Now insert the cookware under an oven & set the temperature at 450F; keep it for 20 minutes.
  • Now turn off the oven & left the pan to cool-down at room temperature.

If You less really need a good seasoning, repeat the procedure two more times.

Few tips:

Do try to cook under 400F. It not only protects the nonstick coating but also increases the pan life span.

Are They Apply Toxic-Free Nonstick Coating?

The nonstick coating is toxic-free till 500F. As per our researched data, this pan contains inactive PTFE.

But above the mentioned temperature, they start decomposing; leaches chemicals on your foods.

Most importantly, all of these skillets & pots are 100% POFA safe. The aluminum does react with foods & increases mineral intake. But two stainless steel layers securely protect this aluminum path.

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