Can You Use A Cast Iron Skillet On An Electric Stove?

Yes, you can; cast iron skillets are multifaceted cookware. These pans are very adaptable for all-electric stoves due it’s magnetized property.

Moreover, they also compatible with gas stoves, ovens & charcoal grills.

The thermal conductivity of cast iron is much higher than the stainless steels & lower than aluminum. 

On the other hand, aluminum pans are not suitable for high heat cooking & citrus foods. Because of that, cast iron pans are specifically designed to cook at high temperatures.

Also, steady heat distribution helps to cook foods uniformly. That’s why Professional culinary artists use it for grills or roasting foods.

Due to its heavy-weight, cast-iron pans take a longer time to heat up. Additionally, they sustain the heat for a longer time duration.

All electric-stoves have a fantastic feature- you can control the heat temperature, unlike gas stoves.

If the required meal preparation temperature is 400F, never set the stove temperature at 450F. They might get hosted too early but might face another problem.

High heat flame will hurt you two way – 

First, the skillet will overheat & never clam very quickly. So you may lose the food test or burn it (I have already told you the cast iron doesn’t drop its heat quickly).

Second, the energy expenditure cost will be much higher.

Is It Safe To Use Cast Iron Skillet On An Electric Coil Stove?

Yes, you can use cast iron on electric coil stoves; but, it will badly burn on the pan exterior bottom portion. That indicates the seasoning of the cast iron will be ruined. You might need to clean it & do the seasoning.

Additionally, the pan diameter must be a little bit bigger than the coil diameter. As all of us know, these skillets are very heavy in weight; so, which may damage the electric coils.

On the other hand, if the pan diameter is much bigger than the coils, it will take a longer time to heat-up. 

If you are using the enameled cast iron cookware, then don’t try it on electric coil burners. 

The enamel coating is hard to restore; once if it is damaged.If you might get confused about what types of cookware are the best option for electric coil stoves, click on the above hyperlink.

Can you use Cast iron cookware on Any electric stoves?

Yes, these pans or cookware works on any electric stoves; like, glass-top stoves or induction cooktops. But, you have to deal carefully.

As you know, these cast iron skillets are heavy & don’t have a smoother bottom. So, if you don’t place them cautiously, the stoves might get ruined.

The Precaution & Caring Tips For Cast Iron Users:

#.Good Seasoning:

Always season your cast iron properly; flaxseed, canola, wall-nut oils are the best option for cast iron seasoning. Must repeat the recoating layer at least two times.

Right seasoning will aid you in two ways- first, it mitigates the excessive iron leaching on foods. Consequently, it will save you from the bacterial problem.

Rusted cast iron is a source of tetanus bacteria; it can damage your nervous system. So, always re-coat your pan correctly.

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#. Use Wooden Spatula:

The metallic spatula can damage the polymerization coating, and you don’t want it. On the other hand, a non-stick spatula can be ruined; due to high temperature. In both ways, you will face losses.

Because of these reasons, you need to use a wooden spatula; it’s totally safe.

#. Don’t Chop On The Skillet:

Many kitchen people chop the veggies on cookware; don’t do that. The polymerized coating will be ruined.

Consequently, it will hurt the blade’s sharpness.

#. Follow Proper Cleaning Procedure:

As I have mentioned, you clean the skillet before & after use of it. Cast iron takes a long time to subside at room temperature. Never immerse or rinse the hot cookware with cold water.

Due to uneven thermal contraction cracks may appear on it. It totally ruined the cookware durability.

Always let them calm at its room temperature, then plunge in under the soapy warm-water. Repose it for 10-20 minutes.

Now use a soft nylon scrubber to pull out the food oddments. Never use any hard scrubber; it also destroys the polymerized layer.

Do you know how to clean burnt non-stick skillets?

#. De-Moisturize Your Pan On Stove-Top:

Yes, every time you wash them with dish soap, it will damage the nonstick coating slightly. Additionally, excessive moisture is not suitable for cast iron.

That’s why dry your skillet on any stove; it doesn’t matter whether you are using coil burners or gas stoves. Once it becomes moisture-less, do lite seasoning on it. 

Lightly smear the pan with one teaspoon of any healthy oil & cotton balls.

Now hang on your pan on the cookware hanger; never place it on a rack.

#. Avoids Over Heating:

Every electric stove has a temperature control option. The thicker iron pans take a longer time for thermal healing. On the hands, overheated electric coils leave a burnt spot on the pan base.

As I have already told you, cast iron may waste your time for heating up. But, never set the cook-top knob at a high temperature.

These pans don’t calm their temperature quickly; so, this may burn your foods.

#. Take Care Of Skillet Movement:

The exterior base of cast iron cookware is not much smoother. So, a rough slide on the glass top/ electric coils or improper landing on it may crack the top glass surface, damaging the coil burners.

During meal preparation, don’t shake the pan roughly; alternatively, stair foods carefully with a wooden spatula. It will ultimately save your food from burnt on.

Consequently, protecting the electric stove from getting ruined.

There is another way to protect your electric stove from cast iron damages, use an induction plate or heat diffuser; and place the pan above it.

#. Use Healthy Fats For Meal Preparation:

Animal fats/ oils, which have a higher percentage of saturated content, don’t use cast iron. It hampers your life in two ways.

No-1. Once the saturated fats got burnt, the pas will lose their non-stickiness, even if you correctly have done the proper seasoning.

So, food will be stuck on the cooking surface & get burned.

No-2. It will increase your daily saturated fat consumption, which is not suitable for your health.

Consequently, animal fats like- butter or clarified-butter contain trans fat, which is also responsible for cardiovascular diseases (NCBI).

Is It Ok To Use A Cast Iron Wok On An Electric Stove?

No, it’s non-compatible with any electric stoves. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the glass top stove-top or coil stoves. The cookware’s base portion must be flattened shaped.

The wok pans are domed shaped, that is why it’s most suitable with gas stoves.

Can You Do Cast Iron Pan Seasoning On Electric Stoves?

NO, It’s not a compelling idea to season your cast iron on any electric stoves. The convection oven or plain ovens are the best options; If you don’t have these kitchen tools, then go with gas stoves.

Here is the explanation-

The seasoning of any skillet/ pan is a process to provide a fat polymerize coating on this cookware. The fat polymerization happens at high heat temperature, above the smoke point of the oil.

Whether you season a cast iron or nonstick pans, the maximum cookware area must be un-touched with anything.

On an electric coil stove, the coil directly touches the exterior pan base portion. So, it left a burnt-on spot on it; and this portion lost its seasoning coating.

On induction or ceramic cook-tops, the whole exterior base portion touches the top glass area.

Moreover, only a thin portion of cookware comes directly into contact with the pan-support area in the gas stove. Consequently, the burner portion doesn’t touch the lower base portion.

That’s why I don’t recommend an electric stove to season a cast iron pan.

Which Skillets Are The Best Option For Electric Stove?

Lite weighted & flatten base pans are most suitable for electric stoves. The ceramic or induction coo-tops only works if the exterior lower base portion is magnetized.

However, nonstick pans with magnetized exterior base are the most suitable for these types of stoves.

Healthy meal preparation required three things: the right cookware, the right temperature & the right ingredients.

Another drawback is- cast iron skillets are heavily weighted. If you don’t know how to deal with these pans, it may ruin your electric cook-tops/ burners. 

Alternatively, you can use flatten base carbon steel pans; they are lite weighted, easy to handle. Perfectly suitable for every type of electric stoves.

“What about the anodized cookware? did you try it on electric cook-tops?”

The Most Effective Way To Use Cast Iron Skillets:

Before you put this on your stove, you must wash it with clean water. The dish soaps are not an enemy here; to hurt the nonstick coating. But, no uses are required here.

Wipe the skillet with a paper towel to soak extra moisture from it.

Before they become overheated, must anoint with some oils or butter on the cooking surface. It will protect the food from sticking on the surface.

Many homemakers think, if they wash their pan with dish soap, it will ruin the seasoning coating. But, it’s not true at all.

If you really don’t want to test the stale food’s flavor in your new dish, you must clean it properly; after everyday meal preparation.

Another facet you have to take care, these skillets are overheated after some time & retain the heat for a longer duration. So, never grip the handles with bladdery hands.

If the handles are uncovered (not wrap with any insulated grips), then you can purchase the cast iron silicone handle grips.

Alternatively, you can use a cotton towel or hand gloves.

Can You Use Cast Iron Pas On Glass-Top Stoves?

Please, try to avoid using cast iron pans on electric glass top stoves or induction cook-tops. These skillets are very heavy & some time got rust on them; due to low maintenance.

So, it may damages the top glass area. If you are roughly landing these pans on glass-top or induction cook-tops, the top glass portion might get cracked.

Consequently, If the pan bottom got rusted, you might end up with a spot mark on the cook-top.

But, enameled cast iron is relatively safe to use one of these stove-tops.

How To Protect Glass Top Stove From Cast Iron Scratches?

Safely land the skillets on the cook-tops & try to use lite weighted skillets for induction cooking. During lifting, time doesn’t slide on the glass-top surface.

Moreover, you can place a paper towel between the pan & coop-top surface. It will protect the stove-top surface from scratches & rust on marks.

However, if you have enough budget, then you can purchase the heat diffuser or induction plate. This is one of the best solutions to protect the electric cook-tops, damages from cast iron pans.

The heat diffusers or induction plates help eliminate all hot spot marks; on the other hand, it protects the top glass area from scratches.

Before you place the cast iron on any glass-top stoves, always clean it with rinsed water & gently rub the exterior bottom portion with a paper towel.

By doing this will help eliminate any rust element; if it is present in the bottom area.

Final Verdict:

Whatever information I have shared with you, that is enough to clarify all the doubts on this topic. Lite weighted cast iron pans are the most preferable for any electric stoves.

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