Chicken Chettinad Recipe Dry And Gravy Style

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Chicken Chettinad Recipe originated In, the southern part of India, these people make various kinds of chicken recipes, Do you know the most interesting fact about these recipes? they use coconut products especially the coconut oil, in their most of dishes, & most of their recipes are a little bit sour in nature.

The original & authentic chicken Chettinad recipe has gone through tremendous modification, there are so many you tubers, those people had shared their own recipe formula, I have already tested few ones, many of them, test not so good, even many of them can’t achieve the original colour.

Now, I got inspired this recipe from two YouTube video & then I modified it make healthy & testy; because our mission in this blog to create healthy & tasty recipe.

I will share two different way to cook chicken Chettinad recipe one is dry & another one is with the gravy.

Tools required for Chicken Chettinad Recipe:

Crockpot/ slow cooker pot:  pressure cooker or Crockpot, to cook the final recipe

Non-sticky frying pan: for backing purposes, it heats so quickly & you can bake it easily

Mixer or grinder: for grinding the spices.

Special note: If you are looking for slow cooker recipe, must cook this chicken recipe on induction oven or any other electric oven.

Ingredients for Chicken Chettinad Recipe :    

The main spices ingredients are black pepper, coriander seeds & fresh leaf, turmeric, vegetable oil, smoked red paprika, cumin seed, cloves, ginger garlic pest, roughly chopped onion, cinnamon, freshly grated coconut, fennel seed, green cardamoms, dry grapes.

chicken chittenad recipe condiments & spices

Ingredients & their role in recipes:

Black pepper:

helps in digestion, has anti-inflammatory property, hot in nature but not as red chills.

Coriander seeds & fresh leaf:

Fresh leaf gives a nice charming flavour to the chicken recipe; boost metabolic rate, seeds also gives a nice test to Chettinad chicken recipe.


have many health benefits, contain lots of anti-oxidant, gives yellowish colour to the recipe, helps to digest the food.

Vegetable oil:

Typically in south Indian dishes, people use coconut oil & it’s also healthy; but, we will use sesame oil optional virgin olive oil (not extra virgin).

Smoked red paprika:

gives spiciness to the dishes, not as spicy as red challis. It creates a nice red brownish colour to dishes.

Cumin seed:

Gives aromatic flavour, also use for any kinds of curry recipes.


Very useful spices have much medicinal property, antioxidant property, boost our immune system & protect it from many diseases.

Ginger pest:

boost digestion helps to boost our immune system. gives a nice test to the chicken.

Garlic pest:

recipe flavour property almost the same as ginger, but it is rich in essential minerals like potassium & also has anti-inflammatory property.

Roughly chopped onion:

has anti-bacterial property, boost in food digestion, protect immune function, its heighten the dish flavoured.


It gives a nice baking test to dishes.

Freshly grated coconut:

It’s an almost common ingredient for any kinds of (90%) south Indian dishes.

Fennel seed:

This ingredient has many health properties like improve eyesight, purify the blood, reduce blood sugar, for more please read from health-line.

Green cardamoms:

This spice gives nice baking testy flavour the recipes. has tons of medicinal property like boos digestion, provide relief from discomfort (source).

Dry grapes:

Dry grapes basically use in dessert recipes, sweet in nature, you can use this in chicken Chettinad recipe, it will help to thick the gravy sauce.


It is aromatic in nature, provides a nice worm baking test to the dishes…

Green challis:

It gives spiciness to dishes, generally hot in nature.

How to make chicken Chettinad recipe?

Well, as you have seen in my title, the two types of a recipes; with few tweaks, many people love dry chicken Chettinad recipe & many loves curry one. For this special type of chicken recipe you need skinless chicken; Personally I like to cook the boneless chicken that’s why removed all the bone from the chicken.

Step 1:

Wash the chicken (2 pounds or roughly one kg chicken) & dry it before marination; add one & half teaspoons of ginger & garlic pest each, add one-fourth teaspoon of ground turmeric powder, half teaspoon salt, and marinate it for at least one to two hour.

Step 2:

set the flame on the medium heat to hot the frying pan, then set the flame to low. Put all the spices, six cloves, four to five smoked paprika (or Kashmiri chillies especially if you are from South Asian countries); One-star leaf, 4 green cardamoms, one & half teaspoon coriander seeds, half teaspoons of cumin seeds, one teaspoon on fennel seeds, Six cashews one teaspoon of black pepper on the frying pan, bake it for around 5 minutes.

Add nearly half a cup of grated coconut; now if you don’t like to add coconut, then it will not gives you the south Indian dish flavour. Bake all these grated coconuts with spices until the coconut turns into a brownish colour.

Step 3:

Put all the spices we have baked in a mixer & grind it very well, Slice the onion (two & half big 1.5 to 2-inch radius) on big pieces, small chopped onions is not much help to make the curry sauce.

Heat the frying pan again in low temperature, with one tablespoon of sesame oil or virgin olive oil (you can also use the coconut oil to make the dishes authentic Chettinad style). Add the onions & two green chillies cook for 2 to 3-minute maximum 5 minutes. Don’t fry the onion very hard,  just make it soft & tender, add chicken & fry it for at least five minutes openly (don’t close the pot), add one big tomato finely chopped. Lastly, add salt;  for gravy chicken curry at least one to one and a half teaspoon, for dry curry nearly half to one teaspoons.

I like to test the curry of chicken Chettinad recipe, how should I make it?

After adding the tomatoes, bake it for around, 3 minutes then add the finely grind spices & cook it for around 3 minutes; then add nearly 300ml to 350 ml lukewarm or hot water; not cold or normal temperature water. The time has come to close the pot & cook it at medium-low temperature for 15 to 20 minutes; the dish is ready to serve on the plate.

Now this way the curry will be thick if you little bit extra juice in chicken Chettinad recipe then you can add 400ml to 450ml water.

What should I do to make the dry chicken Chettinad recipe?

If you really want to make it dry then, after cooking the tomatoes with spices for 3 minutes; set the flame too near 350F temperature & closed the pot after 10 minutes. Now open the pot & toss the dishes; then nearly 5 minutes later add near 50ml of hot water toss the chicken. Time to cook the Chettinad pepper chicken for around 15 minutes (don’t close the pot) the chicken will be almost dry & fully cooked.

How to make Chettinad chicken gravy without coconut?

Well, I know lots of people have a coconut allergy, or they are the patient of acidity due to coconut, you can make the whole recipe as it is without adding the coconut the recipe will as a regular chicken curry. But if you like it then you can go for it; all the ingredients & its quantity will be the same as it is.

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