Cooksmark Cookware Review- May 2022.

With the invention of new toxic-free culinary gadgets by Cooksmark, the home chefs now can afford quality sets for their daily use.

Read our review on these affordable products to determine if they are worth getting!

This brand currently offers twenty-eight types of culinary tools. Many of these products are also eligible for amazon prime users.

Cooksmark is not an American brand; this brand mainly originated is in the China. Over a short period of time, they gain good popularity in the US, Europe & Australia region.

Brief Review Of Cooksmark All Cookware:

Cooksmark is a company that specializes in making affordable, high-quality cookware for home chefs.

They have several different sets to choose from, and they’re all made out of eco-friendly materials, so you can feel good about using them every day!

These cooking sets are dishwasher compatible, thermal safe till 450F, have ergonomic handles & comes within affordable price ranges. A few of their products are go with induction cooktops.

The same types of pots & pans set is available with different color & design. That’s why you will get the freedom to choose your favorite set.

What’s So Special About Cooksmark’s Cookware?

Cooksmark comes up with their separate R&D team. They do research &
innovates new ideas to deliver a better customer experience.
Most of their products are manufactured by Chinese white-level cookware manufacturing companies. That’s why they’re able to offer their products at lower costs than other companies in this industry.

At the same time, they are still maintaining quality standards that will satisfy even demanding customers!

Types of cookware Cooksmark’s manufactured

Currently, they are producing three types of cookware & bakeware. These are the-
-Hard anodized cooking sets
-Ceramic cookware.
-Copper pots & pan sets.

You get the flexibility to choose the whole cookware set or single pots & pans. Each & every cookware piece fits perfectly with each other.

So, if you are using the lids, that perfectly enclosed the pans & pots to make them air tight.

Cooksmark Hard Anodized Cookware Review:

  • ✔️EXCELLENT NONSTICK COATING --- Premium scratch-resistant triple-layer coating provides effortless food release, helps you prepare a diet with minimal fat, oil, or butter. No residues of harmful chemicals, ideal for heavy use!
  • ✔️DURABLE HARD-ANODIZED EXTERIOR --- Hard-anodized pan and pot set is harder than stainless steel ones, and is dense, nonporous and highly wear-resistant for extra durability and professional performance.
  • ✔️PREMIUM HEAT DISTRIBUTION --- Heavy gauge forged aluminum construction for fast, even heating, and warp-resistance without hot spots that ensures reliable cooking results.
  • ✔️10 PIECES COOKWARE SET --- 8-inch omelet pan, 9.5-inch skillet, 1.9QT covered saucepan, 2.7QT covered saucepan, 3.3QT covered saute pan, 4.6QT covered stockpot.
  • ✔️VERSATILE PERFORMANCE --- Easy to clean, dishwasher suitable; Pan set suitable for all stove tops includes induction; oven-suitable up to 450℉.

These are the super wear & tear proof non-stick cooking sets. Currently, Cooksmark producing two types of anodized cookware sets. The 10 pieces (model no- 1151005) & 13 pieces sets (model no- FC0701).

These two pots & pan sets will definitely impress you; through performances & looks.

There are a few technical dissimilarities present between these two cooking sets. That’s why 13 pieces of cookware set prices are much higher than the 10 pieces sets. 

Body Construction:

The 1151005 cookware sets it much lighter than the FC0701 cooking sets. However, both of these pots & pans are constructed with premium quality aluminum.

A magnetized stainless steel plate is attached at the outer base; through impact-bonded joints. The 13 pieces sets have a much thicker body as compared to 10 pieces sets.

An aluminum-based design helps in uniform heat distribution. As a result, they substantially decrease hotspot appearance possibilities.

All lids edges are covered with stainless steel metals to provides ultimate protection. Moreover, you can see through the lids crystal clearly, whether the ingredients are cooked or not.

Model No- 1151005:

This cookware set isn’t fully hard anodized coated. A three-layer body construction makes it ultra scratch-proof & durable.

The cooking surface layered with Gen-X, POFA & PTFE free nonstick coating. Then comes the heavy metal-free cast aluminum & the exterior wall is anodized.

Model No- FC0701:

A hard-coated anodized body makes it 100% health safe & scratch proof. The pans & pots are very weighty due to their heavy masses body.


The premium nonstick-coating is scratch-proof. That’s why you can use metallic utensils for cooking.

However, in the longer run, this may ruin the layers. Because of this reason wooden, & silicon spatulas are most recommended.

Every time I heard cookware is corrosion resistive, the first thing that struck my head was the dishwasher-proof?

Most of the dishwashing soaps contain corrosives. These elements scratch on the nonstick-layers.

You don’t have to worry about it; these anodized sets have scratch-resistant potential.


Both of these cooking sets come with stainless steel handles. But, the “FC0701” model comes with sturdier handles. The 10 pieces set handles are hollowed & light weighted.

However, both types of handles are ergonomically designed. They forked at starting & attached with riveted joint; to provide maximum user comfortability.

Consequently, the FC0701 model handles are flatter, solid & have a channel through its middle. The 1151005 model handles are blotter in shape. 

All handles stay cool on any gas stoves.

Thermal Safety & Cooktop Compatibility:

Both of these cooking sets are absolutely compatible with induction cooktops. Moreover, these pots & pans are oven proof till 450F. Lids are safe till 350F.

So, you can use them for medium-high heat cooking needs.

Be careful! 

Whenever you put them in the ovens, always use hand gloves for safe gripping.

Cleaning Feature:

The cooking surface is fully sticky less. If the foods get burned on the pan, you can remove them effortlessly.

Additionally, you also insert them under the dishwasher without any hesitation. By doing this, the pots & pans will not get ruined.

Cooking Performance:

The hard anodized pans & pots have come under the safest cookware categories. You can efficiently be cooking without getting the foods burnt on during preparation.

The 1151005 & FC0701 cookware model performs outstanding during low heat cooking. A thin layer of oil is enough to cook an egg omelet.

Foods never get a stick on it, especially when you are cooking at a low heat flame.

Things We Don’t Like:

The 13 pieces set is too much for a small family.

In the 10 pieces set, only the outer portion is anodized.

  • 【The pots and pans set contains every piece for your everyday cooking tasks】It includes 8", 10" and 12" non stick fry pan - 2 QT Small Covered Saucepan - 3 QT Large Covered Saucepan - 4 QT Covered Sauté pan - 8 QT Covered Stockpot - 4 QT Covered Casserole.
  • 【Suitable for all hobs including induction】 Oven suitable up to 450F, so you can transfer your food to the oven without the need to change pans.
  • 【Interior Maxlon non-stick coating】makes cooking with the frying pans and saute pan effortless. Less oil or fat needed. Food stick the surface no more. Easy to clean.
  • 【Highest-quality aluminum core】Incredibly sturdy, durable and warp-resistant, heats up quickly, and creates an even distribution of heat for good cooking results.
  • 【Stay-cool handle with hanging loop】Ergonomic stainless steel handles are so comfortable, heat-resistant and stay cool while cooking which help you safely move each pan around the kitchen without the risk of burning your hands.

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