Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken Thighs With rosemary Recipe-2020

crock pot balsamic chicken

Crock pot balsamic chicken thighs with rosemary is a supper healthy & testy food especially you can prepare it for the weekend night dinner; frankly spiking, I like to cook this balsamic chicken with few veggies only. Most importantly it totally depends on you whether you can separately cook the chicken & eat it with balsamic salad.

Though the balsamic chicken marination procedure is almost the same for any kinds of the balsamic recipe for chicken, we need little bit variation for ingredients. For this recipe we will use dijon mustard & avoids the honey, soy sauces are optional for this recipe.     

This balsamic chicken needs really very low temperature for cooking 160 degrees Fahrenheit. First of all, we need to set the temperature at high 200F for 30 minutes then set the temperature at low one sixty-five & cook for another two & half to three hours.    

What are the tools are use in this chicken recipe?

Obliviously, the crockpot is the essential ingredients, If you have programmable crock pot it will be most efficient but if you don’t have one, then I have a suggestion for you, use any non-programmable slow cooker pot set the oven (induction) temperature to 250 degrees for 30 minutes & then drop it to 175 to 180 & keep it for nearly three hours.  

What are the ingredients required for this Crock pot chicken recipe?

Most of my recipe I have used olive oil but for this recipe I will use the nut oil, I have personally tested the recipe with olive oil, but nut oil & sesame oil are test better & these oil also has antioxidant property.

Other ingredients we will use in the recipe dried thyme & rosemary, black pepper, green chilies, Kosher salt, parsley leaves or green coriander leaves, ground cardamom & cinnamon powder.

Potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes (no matter whether its cherry tomatoes or not) & green beans. common ingredients are balsamic vinegar, ground ginger garlic powder, onion powder & red onion.

Ingredients & their role in recipes & our body:


This is Mediterranean herb & has lots of antioxidant property; comes under the mint family. But this is not the end this herbs also provide nice test to dishes like chicken, salmon, lamb recipes. Other good thing about this spices it is a very good source of calcium, vitamin B; helps to boost our immune system & increase our memory power (source). Balsamic chicken with rosemary; test not only good in crock pot recipe but also when you grilled the balsamic chicken.  


This is also a medicated herb; has lots of benefits in terms of health impact & it also comes under the mint family. Thyme contain antioxidants, gives a nice flavor to the dishes. It is one of the essential elements in pesto sauce; does not only provide a good test to the chicken; but, also in healthy fish recipe. If want to know more about the health benefits of thyme, please read.


Let’s start with the potato, it’s a starchy food, contain simple crabs that boost the insulin spike quickly, but its test awesome, even you can cook only with the red onion, Italian crock pot chicken potato recipe, that test superb.

Red onions are aromatic herbs has lots of health benefit it control our body temperature. Also, improve our immune system & soft tendered onions are test awesome even with the vegan recipes.

Cauliflower, this veggies is superb vegetables, it’s test awesome in soup, use in pizza , korma, with cheese, most importantly it has lots of fiber that’s why it’s a good food for weight loss

Green beans it’s also good food for weight loss and the test is also awesome. That’s why, it is good with any one pan recipes & cook green beans are also used in salad.       

Crock Pot Chicken thigh Recipe Step By Step Guide.

1st. Step:

Prepare the balsamic marination mixture six tablespoons balsamic vinegar + ginger & garlic powder  one teaspoon each; half teaspoon kosher salt, thyme, coriander powder and rosemary. You can add same amount brown sugar to test better the chicken; one tablespoon green coriander leafs, two teaspoon lemon juice, 4 ground cinnamon, 1/3 rd teaspoon black pepper,

2nd. Step:

pour the chicken marination mixture for 10 minutes & prepare the plain Chicken stew (boiled chicken bones & water) . Chopped the veggies, I like medium pieces, but you can make whatever you want. Put all the veggies with the chicken into the crock pot; add 2/3 teaspoon kosher salt extra, one teaspoon butter & plain Chicken stew water half cup.

How do I forget? must slice the chicken in small pieces, before putting into the crockpot, butter is totally optional, it just makes the balsamic chicken dish more     

3rd. Step:

Set the temperature as mentioned earlier 250F for 30 minutes then slow down to 160F & cook for around four hour. The balsamic chicken with rosemary and veggies recipe is done.        


I Can Use Leftover Chicken In Any Other Recipe?

Yes, you can store it for two days, & also you can make balsamic glazed chicken with pasta or noodles. even you can take it with rice.  

How To Make Keto Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken thighs?

For keto recipe, salad with the grilled balsamic chicken recipe with rosemary and oregano will be best one. But if you really like to make slow cooker keto balsamic chicken, then remove the veggies, brown sugar & red onion, adjust the salt & cook as it is. In fact, you can prepare keto balsamic chicken thighs

Can We Cook Balsamic Chicken Thighs In Crock Pot?

Yes, you can make crock pot balsamic chicken thighs recipe; chicken thighs are less expensive in the USA & its testy, but it’s less healthy compared to the chicken breast.   

Is It Test Good If We Cook Chicken With Rosemary In The Crock Pot?

Yes, rosemary is an awesome Mediterranean herb, that has lots of good benefits in our health, this herb is actually provides very good test to any kinds of chicken recipes.   


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