Easy Baked Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

chicken drumsticks grilling

I know when we talked about the easy marinated chicken drumsticks recipe, first thought strike on our head is either juicy marinated chicken drumstick or crispy baked chicken drumstick recipe.

Well, you can use same ingredients like lemon, apple cited vinegar, garam masala, peppers, whole & dust paprika to prepare different types chicken leg recipes, & they will test differently even the baking or cooking temperature create a different test for the same recipe. Most importantly chicken drumsticks are less expensive.

Generally backing chicken legs in oven, especially with charcoal fire gives a Smokey flavoured unique test to the healthy chicken dinner dishes. But, one thing I must share with you; rather than you tried only the Chicken drumstick try the whole marinated chicken leg for oven roasting.

In case if you are unable to manage the charcoal oven, I will share with the secrets ingredients that will give a Smokey flavour to your chicken dishes. In this recipe article, I will share three different way you can bake chicken drumsticks.

The Oven-baked Chicken Drumsticks recipe.

The foiled baked chicken drumsticks recipe.

The Micro oven or roaster baked chicken leg recipe.

though many ones prefer to eat the crispy chicken drumsticks, its test so good, but, then you need to deep-fried the chicken drumsticks, but this is not healthy for everyone.

Different recipe experts show different ways to cook chicken drumsticks with same ingredients but generally, people have a question like

What can I put on drumsticks? or What dried herbs go with chicken? or What temperature do you cook chicken at?

What can I put on chicken drumsticks to marinate it properly?

The secret spicy marinating formula to prepare healthy chicken drumsticks are  Kashmiri chillies/paprika (sweet paprika), olive oil, Apple cited vinegar, garlic, garlic, lemon juice, light heated cumin powder, coriander powder & peppers. If you want to go for foiled baked or micro oven-roasted drumsticks recipe then obliviously Garam masala is my recommendation if you don’t use you may lose a good flavour of it.

what are the functions of this spices to marinate the chicken drumsticks?

Well, every marinating ingredient perform different take to gives final test like-

Whole eggs: everyone knows that eggs are high in protein but in marinating process it did two functions like one hand it helps the spices to sticky with the chicken; on the other hand, it makes the chicken soft & delicious flavoured.

Coriander powder: these spices are not wormed in nature that’s why it helps in digestion & other nice thing is it provide very good flavoured to the recipe.

Black pepper:  Black pepper has amazing anti-oxidant, & anti-inflammatory property it helps in digestion & its worms in nature that’s why it gives spiciness to the dishes. It also improves body cholesterol, blood sugar level (source).

Kashmiri chilli powder or sweet paprika powder: This spices provide little bit fruity spicy flavour & provide very nice smell to the chicken drumsticks.

Cumin seed: Now I personally used homemade ground cumin’s, with stone grinder, it provides totally different flavoured to any recipe.

You can try this in-home just baked the raw cumin seed then bake it at very low temperature for 5 minutes & grind it in a stone grinder.

Extra virgin olive oil: olive oil also have anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory property, helps in digestion (source). for recipe perspective, it helps to harmonize the marinating ingredients & provide moist flavour to the dishes.

Lemon juice: Always try to marinate with the fresh lemon juice one medium whole lemon is enough. it helps to tender the chicken. you can also add lemon zest its totally ups to you.

Apple cited vinegar: apple cited vinegar also helps to tender the chicken & it provides a fruity flavour to the chickens.

Garlic: I used garlic homemade fresh garlic pest. fresh garlic’s are very good for health to maintain body cholesterol level, boost immunity power, etc (source).  garlic also provide delicious flavour to the dishes.

Ginger: you can use ground ginger powder or ginger pest; in this recipe I have use ginger pest, using stone grinder; you can mix it in mixer machine.

Tomato ketchup: it gives juicy testy flavour to the dishes.

Brown sugar: Its purely use for test purposes, to provide sweetness to the dishes & it also makes the recipe crispy.

How long to marinate chicken?

Well, I generally prefer marinade for at least 3 to 6 hour. Later in the recipe process, I will share with you the two-way marinating process.

How to prepare the chicken leg for the oven?

Well, here I will describe two-way marinating technique the 1st one is spicy delicious the second one is testy & juicy.

Marination & cooking process one:

step 1

take the Kashmiri chilli, whole egg, 4 big garlic cloves 1 tablespoon of ginger pest in the mixer machine & mixed it properly. Once the mixer pest is ready put this mixer into a pot you will get a nice smell of the flavour.

step 2

Add lemon juice; lemon skin- if you want to add it but I personally don’t prefer to add this. Also add apple cited vinegar for fruity flavours, coriander powder, olive oil, salt as per test.

Oh!! my God how do I forget to mention the quantity?

Generally, take 6 Kashmiri chilli just take out the seeds you need to add this seeds later during chicken massage time. half tablespoon of ginger & half tablespoons of garlic with a medium size egg.

one tablespoon on lemon juice half tablespoon apple cited vinegar. Olive oil ( you can add any vegetable oil as an alternative) two tablespoon. black pepper little bit more than 1 teaspoon (approximately  1.15 teaspoon).  brown sugar  1/6 cup.

Grilled chicken drumsticks 02

Step 3

Mixed properly the marinating ingredients; gives slight cuts to the chicken drumsticks & massage the chicken.

For the oven-roasted chicken, I like to cook with skin chicken cuts make a pass to insert the spices underneath the chicken.

I like to massage the chicken by hands & then  I put it in Ziploc packets. shut the bag; but, make sure you remove the air properly, keep it in the refrigerator for about two to two and a half hour the keep it on room temperature for around 1 hour.  Another important fact is don’t keep the chicken less than zero degree Celsius, otherwise, the spices mixture will not properly mixed up with the chicken.

Marination & cooking process Two (For healthy way):

Step 1:

take a small pot to add olive oil nearly two tablespoons, one tablespoon lemon juice, one whole egg, one to two teaspoon of garlic pest, one teaspoon of ginger pest (alternate two teaspoons of garlic powder & ginger powder each), one & half to two teaspoon salt, half tablespoon tomato ketchup, black pepper one teaspoon, & one to two teaspoon of garam masala (a mixture of ) & coriander powder one teaspoon.

mixed it well, basically, I have said earlier the function of the egg is always keep the chicken soft & tendered. You can also add brown sugar to make thicken little bit crispy.

Step 2:

Here I like to use the chicken drumsticks without skin, & always gives a cut to the drumstick for better marination, pore the chicken into a ziplock bag & then add the mixture.

The most important secrete about the last marination process you no need to bake it on the oven griller, you can be baked or roasted the chicken drumsticks under foiled, & you need very less time to cook the chicken drumsticks.

Now it’s the time to baked chicken drumsticks recipe on the oven!

Always no need to turn the oven on very high heat, I like to bake the chicken on the oven, the temperature at 415 F to 435 F for 35 minutes. Basically slow cooking recipes are more healthy though if you want then, can bake the drumsticks at 390 F for around 40 minutes.

Another important fact is that I like to turn the chicken flipping after half time, but again it’s optional for you. But, one important thing you need to remember that don’t go for backing until the marinate chicken drumsticks come at room temperature.

Sometimes I also prefer to roast the chicken leg on a charcoal oven it provides nice Smokey flavored but you can’t control the oven temperature. But the secret is you can add Smokey flavour to the chicken.

take a small plate, heat the charcoal, put it on the plate, place it on cooked chicken drumsticks add butter or oil to the charcoal & cover the dishes for 5 to 10 minute, Smokey flavoured chicken drumsticks are ready.

How to baked chicken drumsticks recipe using foil?

For foil baking, I always use 2nd way of marination for chicken drumsticks recipe. just take out the chicken from the Ziploc bag,  make an olive oil polish foil, keep all chicken on it then fully cover it.

Heat the nonstick frying pot at a temperature of 400 F. Keep the chicken on it heat for 15 minutes then flip it & bake it for another 15 minutes.

Now you might think what kinds of veggies can I take with the chicken drumsticks, well you can do two tasks at the same time. Like, add broccoli, cauliflower, green bean with this chicken legs then cover the foil & bake it as it is.

How long does it take to oven cook chicken drumsticks at the oven or on the frying pan?

Well, if the baking temperature of the chicken drumsticks is above 415 degrees F, then within 30 minutes it will be finished. But if you like slow cooker recipes & backing temperature is somewhere around the 370 F to 400 F it will take 38 minutes to 45 minutes for complete cooking of the chicken drumsticks.

How to make crispy baked chicken drumsticks?

To make crispy chicken drumsticks you need to try for the second type of marination with the drumsticks  &  bake it undercover oven or in the micro oven above 450 F. The second thing you can do deep fry the chicken legs, but it is not healthy for us.

What should I do with the leftover chicken drumsticks?

You can store these dishes in cold storage for around maximum for 2 days, try to finish it within 12 hours. Always remember fresh foods are the most beneficial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 What kind of side dishes goes with Chicken drumsticks?

You can go for baking potato, roasted cauliflower & green veggies, Plane cucumber roasted chickpeas salad.


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