El Pollo Loco Chicken Recipe

el pollo loco chicken recipe

El Pollo Loco chicken recipe is not like another common American chicken recipe. It’s a portion of typically Mexican food. This recipe actually comes under the BBQ chicken recipe or baked chicken recipes.

Actually, I’m not originated in the US, but I had lived here; I still remember the summer vacation in Mexico. I took an el Pollo loco chicken with cucumber, carrot and roasted cauliflower salad on my lunch, the test was awesome. Basically the traditional loco Pollo chicken recipe is tested so well; but, I like to cook it in a little bit different way I like to call it sweet & sour loco Pollo chicken bbq.

The recipe is very simple only the marination required six-hour time. In this recipe, I will share useful tips to prepare the el Pollo chicken bbq; even if you don’t have the gas grill oven set.

The tools required for loco Pollo chicken recipe:

Gass grill oven or charcoal grill oven: Obliviously, this is a BBQ type of chicken recipe that’s this instrument is required. If you like the Smokey roasting flavoured in the recipe then go with charcoal grill oven.

Ziploc bag: this is basically multipurpose use thing, but here we will use it for marination.

The kitchen bowl: to mix up the ingredients, try to use a ceramic bowl or glass one, avoid still or plastic one.

Folding roasting pan: This is an optional tool of the gas grill, or even many people don’t like a gas grill.

But what should I do if I don’t have even roasting pan?

You can go for foil cover basking on frying pan & cover the chicken during cooking time.

What are the el Pollo loco chicken ingredients for this bbq chicken?

This is a sweet citrus recipe, I use the recipe ingredients on my way, that’s are slightly different from the traditional one, sweet lemon juice or sweet limetta, pineapple juice, salt,  ground coriander powder,  smoked paprika powder, chilli powder, ground black peppers, onion pest or powder, garlic pest, ginger pest or powder, finely chopped oregano or oregano powder, white vinegar.

the function the spices ingredients are:

sweet lemon juice: reach in vitamin C, fructose & lots of antioxidant, gives fruity flavour to the dishes.

Lemon juice: This is also a citrus food like sweet lemon; & have the same quality but it helps to tender the chicken.

Pineapple juice: provide fruity flavour to the el polo loco chicken.

coriander powder: provide a spicy test to the chicken & have lots of antioxidants, helps to digest the food.

oregano fresh or powder: have lots of antibacterial property, protect our body many ways; for more please read.. (source).

smoked paprika powder: these spices give a hot testy flavour to the chicken.

Chilli powder: personally I don’t like to use it too much in the recipe; because, too much consumption of red chilli powder can create trouble to your stomach. But, if you want extra spiciness to your dishes then you can try it.

Onion pest or powder: I like to use raw onion in the dishes. but you can try the powder. It’s basically used for garnishing, in cooking, test well.

Ginger powder: This spice has many properties, it has anti-inflammatory property, resolve digestion problems.

Garlic cloves: These spices provide very good test & smell to el Pollo loco chicken recipe. It also protects our immune system.

Black peppers: very good spices have lots of antioxidant property, protect the immune system, help us indigestion.

What kind of chicken does LocoPollo use?

Basically in traditional el Pollo chicken recipe, whole skin chicken is used; but, the chicken is equally divided into two pieces; in the home recipe, you can cut it into four to six pieces.

How do you cut chicken like Loco Pollo ?

flat the chicken, take a sizer & cut it from bottom to top,  each portion should consist one leg & one chest.

How to cook this chicken recipe?

Step 1:

wash the chicken & dry it, you can use tissue paper to soap the water from chicken & just slightly cut the skin of the chicken, here & there for good marination.

Step 2:

Take a bowl to add two tablespoons of organic white vinegar & apple cited vinegar each; one tablespoon of lime juice, two tablespoons of sweet lemon juice, two tablespoons of pineapple juice & mixed it properly. Don’t forget organic food colour you can also use saffron but it’s costly,

Now it’s a time to add the spices, add four big clove garlic pest or fine chopped, onion pest two teaspoons, or in case of powder 1 teaspoon. Fined chopped ginger one & half teaspoon or 1 teaspoon for powder, half teaspoon oregano powder if fresh then add one & half teaspoon. one-third teaspoon of cinnamon, turmeric each. Salt more than a half teaspoon but less than a full teaspoon.

Step 3:

Put this mixture into a Ziploc bag & mixed it very well & insert the chicken & massage it very well make sure you must suck out the air from the bag properly.  Store the chicken for the whole night into the refrigerator.

Step 4:

The oven is ready & waiting to serve the dishes to the plate. Must keep the chicken into room temperature at least for an hour before you put the chicken into the oven; now if use grill pan for cooking the go for it; must roast both sides of the chicken. If you love slow cooking, then set the oven temperature 365F to 400F;  it will take near 35 to 45 minute.

But I like to grill it on gas griller at medium temperature (435f to 450F), it takes around  30 to 35 minute to cook the chicken. Don’t increase the flame to high it will burn the chicken skin & you will not get the actual flavour.

Is this chicken recipe healthy?

Yes, It is healthy; but, need to cook the chicken in a healthy way, slow cooker el Pollo chicken is more healthy. If you are a fatty person & little bit worried about your body; then you can clean the skin, when it will be in your plate. Most importantly no oil is used for cooking.

What should I take along with El Pollo chicken?

Well, you can take Mexican rice or el Pollo loco rice, homemade flour tortillas, tomato, roasted cauliflower with jalapeno etc.

Final word:

Don’t forget to try this recipe at home. If you don’t have the folding roasted pan or gas oven, you can cook it on the frying pan using foiled wrap the chicken.

Thanks for reading my article, if you like then please share my recipe with your friends & family.

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