Granite Cookware Vs Ceramic Cookware Which Is Best For Cooking?

People often get confused about picking the right cookware for their kitchen. Ceramic & granite coated, both of these non-stick cookware are made with a porcelain coating.

Both of these cookware are the best cookware for healthy cooking. However, certainly, the granite pots & pans are the best alternatives to ceramic coated nonstick cookware.

There are lots of similarities present between this two cookware. But, we will compare these two based on-

  • Construction materials.
  • Ergonomic features.
  • The longevity of these cookware.
  • Cooking performance & efficiency.

And finally select the based one as per our needs.

Whether it’s ceramic or granite cookware, the whole body is not made from pure ceramic or rock material. The inner base of these two cookware is either stainless steel or aluminum.

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Ceramic vs Granite Cookware Similarities:

  • Both cookware are free from toxin chemicals and, heavy metals. The toxin chemicals are P.O.F.A and, P.O.F.S; and, heavy metals are nickel, Pb (lead), Cd (cadmium).
  • None of the cookware has a non-uniform temperature distribution problem. However, for the eventual heat dispersal facility, the inner base metal must be “Aluminum“.
  • Granite or ceramic, both of the cookware provides easy food reveal features. No very less amount of fat (oil or butter) content is required for healthy cooking.
  • Both pots and pans provide very easy clean features; and, good quality ceramic or granite cookware are completely dishwasher safe.
  • The granite or ceramic coating is completely natural and environment friendly.

The Granite Cookware:

As we have discussed- it is not purely made of granite stones.

The nonstick glass coating is made from granite dust, porcelain. Moreover, diamond and titanium do use in premium quality granite dishes.

As a result, the coating becomes completely free from toxin chemicals. The porcelain clay coating inflamed at more than 2000F, so, It becomes very hard in nature.

Granite Cookware Pros And Cons:


  • The inner aluminum core helps in smooth heat distribution.
  • Less energy consumption; the cookware performs best at medium heat temperature. So, quick food preparation at medium heat.
  • No flaking issues, unlike non-stick pots and pans.
  • The granite coating is completely scratch-resistant; so, it’s safe. In case you are using metallic cooking utensils.
  • You get healthy and delicious cooking at low heat temperature; even, without oil or butter.
  • Foods get easily release from the pan surface and enjoy effort-free cleaning.
  • It’s completely safe for washing under the dishwasher. However, dishwasher cleaning is not safe for a longer time.
  • You don’t face ant leaching issues and completely non-reactive with foods.
  • Granite cookware comes with a decorative and attractive design.
  • Most of the Premium granite pots and pans outer base tightly joined with cast iron or stainless steel. Therefore it’s induction oven friendly; on the other hand, it’s safe for any stoves.


  • The price range is a bit higher; but, it’s really worth it.
  • No good for high heat cooking. It decreases the cookware durability.
  • Oven-safe temperature is comparatively low.
  • Not all granite dishes are induction oven friendly.

The Ceramic Cookware:

There is no doubt the ceramic pots and pans are good alternatives to non-stick cookware.

The ceramic coating covers both sides an outer layer of the inner aluminum core base.

The ceramic coating is purely made from silicon clay and sol-gel, which is completely natural and environment-friendly (Source).

The Green-Pan brand produces premium quality ceramic dishes; and, they used the lasted “Thermolon” technology for ceramic coating.

Moreover, thermolon is a toxic-free, mineral-based synthetic ceramic-polymer. That is a combination of silica and solution gel. So, no fear of PTFE.

Ceramic Cookware Pros And Cons:


  • The heat resistant temperature is comparatively higher than the granite or non-stick coated cookware.
  • No harmful metals or chemicals have ever been using for ceramic manufacturing.
  • Most of the premium quality ceramic cookware is dishwasher safe.
  • It doesn’t release toxin fumes even at high heat; so, no flaking problems.
  • Ceramic cooking sets are another best option for healthy cooking. Therefore you can prepare a healthy, delicious meal; at a low heat without oil or butter and less energy expenditure.
  • Very easy to clean this cookware. You just poured it under warm soapy water and the soft-pad, gently rubbing enough for cleaning.
  • The non-stick coating helps in easy food releasing.


  • Not all ceramic cookware is safe in the dishwasher.
  • All ceramic dishes don’t have scratch-resistant power; so, metallic cooking utensils are non-recommended.
  • Cooking on gas stoves with ceramic cookware is decreases its durability. And in the long run, it creates flaking on the outer layer.

Granite Cookware Vs Ceramic Cookware Differences:

Based on Performance:

  • There is no doubt both of the cookware helps in toxic-less healthy cooking; but, pure granite coated cookware consumes less energy; as compared to the ceramic one, because of their black cooking surface.
  • The granite cookware is the best non-stick option; in case you are using the gas stoves for meal preparation.
  • The inner core of the granite dishes is either carbon steel or aluminum. Even a few cheap companies are using carbon steel. On the other hand, The inner metal of ceramic pots and pans are aluminum.

So, if you are going for granite cookware make sure, recheck the inner metal is aluminum or not.

Because aluminum helps in uniform heat distribution and also increases longevity.

Cooking Method:

  • Granite cookware is more useful at low heat and medium-high temperature. However, ceramic cookware also has the same facility. But, it also useful for high-temperature cooking as compared to the granite one.

Based on Durability:

  • Here absolutely granite cookware is the winner. But, if you are using the Green-Pan ceramic pots and pans you get the same facility.
  • The granite stone coating is very hard as compared to the ceramic coating. That’s why you don’t need any separate silicon or wooden utensils.

Based on Ergonomic Designs and Looks:

  • Here both of the cookware get same points. If you are looking for one color outer coating then the ceramic coating is the best and if you like the stone coated design then go for Granite stove cookware.

Based On Health:

  • Both of the cookware are completely free from hazardous synthetic chemicals like PTFE & POFA. Consequently, these cookware totally safe from harmful metals like lead and cadmium.

As a result, No fear of hormonal imbalance problems, kidney diseases, growth or infertility issues, etc.

Ceramic Vs Granite Cookware Which Is The Winner?

We like to recommend granite nonstick coated cooking sets; based on the above comparison between granite & ceramic cookware.

But, these pans & pots are not made for high-temperature cooking. If you are looking for high-temperature friendly pots and pans, then you can go with premium quality ceramic pans.

Note: GreenPan produces the most reliable and durable ceramic coated nonstick cookware.

Buyers Check List Before Purchasing Ceramic Or Granite Cookware.

The outer base of the cookware must be flattened.

The inner core metal of the cookware must be hard anodized aluminum.

The cookware must be safe for dishwasher cleaning.

Must be friendly with every stove. Especially the outer base must need to have an impact-bonded magnetized plate.


I hope our team research content on granite cookware vs. ceramic cookware helps you for picking the best cooking sets as per your needs.

However, if you like ceramic cookware and have some budget, then go for Green-Pan dishes.

Otherwise, if you get confused, then we obliviously recommend the granite pots and pans. Granite pans & pots are more durable & cheaper (in price) as compared to ceramic ones.


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