Easy Honey Balsamic Chicken And Veggies Recipe.

balsamic chicken veggies

Honey balsamic chicken and veggies are one of the favourite recipes of my husband, you can prepare it with only a few ingredients(potato, cauliflower & big chunky onion cut ). This recipe simply juicy, reach in colour, simply delicious recipe.

If you are too busy in life like me, manage your whole family, children, husband & obliviously you are the only home manager, who manages all this along with your fitness, then this recipe is the perfect one.

Now, I love slow cooker honey balsamic chicken recipe it takes 30 minutes to cook & another half an hour for the balsamic style chicken marination.

I like to bake the veggies along with the chicken in the roaster oven; If you are planning skillet (gas or induction oven baked) balsamic style chicken, then either you have to separately prepare the balsamic vegetables for chicken or you can eat it with balsamic salad with roasted chicken.

Because, the veggies will be badly roasted with the chicken, & one more thing I want to suggest you; please go for roaster oven. Because, this balsamic recipe have sugar element-honey, which is badly roast the chicken during skillet baking. The most delicious part about this recipe; you can consume this chicken recipe- in lunches & as well as in dinner.       

The Required Ingredients For Grilled Honey Balsamic Chicken Recipe.

Obliviously raw organic honey & balsamic vinegar, ground ginger & garlic powder, red onion, onion powder (alternative red onion pest); kosher salt, thyme, coriander powder & green coriander leaf, soya sauces, potato, green beans, cauliflower, tomato ketchup; if you like then you can add tomatoes as a veggie in the skillet before baking.

Few advisory words, watch before cooking:

 I like to share with you, that the potatoes are the starchy foods & it is totally a simple carb; that spike up our blood sugar level. That’s why, if you are preparing the grilled honey balsamic chicken for the dinner; have diabetics patients, then simply avoids this recipe for dinner, please read more (1,2).

The same piece of advice applied is for honey; yes it’s a healthy food, rich in many different nutrients & lots of antioxidants. But, if you are in any medical condition, then ask him or her, what to eat & what not to eat ob regular basis.

soy sauces:

Not all soy sauces are gluten-free, try to use gluten-free sauces. Soy sauces are added in the food during marination time; according to health.com, soy sauces help certain digestive bacteria, for better digestion. Additionally it provides an aromatic flavor to dishes; we also use this ingredient in chicken pasta balsamic or even Chinese style cooking.


In other non-honey & honey balsamic chicken recipes, I have used fined chopped ginger & garlic’s, even their pest also. But, here we will prepare the chicken & veggies together under roaster oven (kinda one pan honey balsamic chicken food). That’s why I will use the powder for chicken marination & the leftover marination mixture we will use in the veggies before cooking.

Step By Step Guide To Make Grilled Honey Balsamic Chicken and veggies Recipe.

honey balsamic chicken


Prepare the marination mixture two tablespoon of honey with three table spoon of balsamic vinegar. If you can’t manage the raw organic honey you can add one tablespoon of brown sugar.

One teaspoon of ginger and garlic powder each one; two teaspoon of red onion pest (alternative one teaspoon of onion powder); one tablespoon of olive oil, two teaspoon of lemon juice & one tablespoon of soy sauces; add tomato pest one teaspoon optional, half teaspoon kosher salt. Other spices are coriander powder, nearly half  teaspoon of dried oregano & dried basil.   

Mixed the marination mixture & put it on a Ziploc bag & pore two pound of boneless skin less chicken & suck out the air from the Ziploc &marinate over half an hour.

Pro Tips:

I like to make boneless skinless honey balsamic chicken breast. But, if you like to make honey balsamic chicken drumsticks on skillet without the veggies then go with skin chicken; baked 450 degrees that gives nice crispy skin (salads are the ideal if you planning for honey balsamic chicken drumsticks).


Slice the veggies the best few ingredients veggies are the potato, tomato & cauliflower; green beans are optional & big chopped red onion. We will make grilled honey balsamic chicken skillet; baked oven recipe that’s why dressing the chicken & veggies together & sprinkle the leftover balsamic mixture over the veggies; add little bit salt, (nearly one third teaspoon) & baked it for 30 minutes at 350 degree. If you set the oven temperature at 450 degrees then the recipe will be prepare within 20 minutes.

We will use 200 gram potato, 200 gram cauliflower, two medium size tomatoes , six to 10 pieces of green beans & two big size (three inches diameter) red onion.


Take out the recipe & serve on the plate, You can add extra balsamic vinegar on the top of you dishes.


What Is The Perfect Temperature To Cook The Balsamic Honey Chicken?

Well, I like healthy slow cooker recipe that’s why, I cook the chicken at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (150 C). But if you are planning to cook crispy balsamic chicken (with skin) drumsticks without the veggies; then go for 425F to 450F (Fahrenheit).

What Should I Do With Left Over Honey Balsamic Chicken With Veggies?

You can store the recipe for 48 to 56 hours in the refrigerator, & consume it as it is; or you can make the balsamic chicken pasta or consume with brown rice or tortilla; or with balsamic salad chicken combination also very delicious.

How Do I Use Balsamic Glaze (The Leftover)?

Basically I use all the balsamic glaze marination mixture in the cooking. But, if you have little bit leftover, then you can use it to cook noodles; or may be in salad or maybe you can sprinkle the vinegar over the recipe after cooking.

Should I Use Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs Or Breast For This Recipe?

Well, chicken breast are more healthy compare to the chicken legs; but, chicken legs are more delicious compare to chicken breast & also they are cheap. If you are planning honey balsamic chicken drumsticks with salad then obliviously you can go for it.

Can I Baked The Chicken On Gas Or Induction Oven?

Yes, you can prepare the chicken on induction or gas oven; but, in this case, you can’t make one pan honey balsamic chicken, & especially you can’t get crispy honey chicken drumsticks.

Other problem you can face, it contains honey (sugar element), that burn the chicken. If you are not tossing the chicken continuously after a few minutes. But, if you are preparing the chicken in a slow cooking procedure ( 200 F ) without veggies, then it’s fine you can make it.

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