How To Clean Range Hood Duct, Fans And Filters

Worry about how to clean range hood ducts and fans; the modern kitchen designs changing over time. Yes narrower kitchen hoods accumulate more oil greased as compare to wider one.

It’s not very crucial for cleaning the range wood on each & every month, one or two times in a year (depending on the cooking space of your house) is enough for you.

Long story in short, the cleaning procedure of a kitchen hood, is widely vary, it depends on the types of product design & the brand also.

After un-mount it from the wall separate the fans & motor, you can use any toxin les spray for washing the motor & duct portion.

Now comes the “fans- blade” part; obliviously you clean it in dishwasher or with hot soda water solution.

recommended recirculating hoods.

The old style hood fans, duct & cover portion are assembled in a complicated way & that was very difficult to clean. Thanks to modern structure it’s really very simple to un-mount & clean them; even no need to call any hood cleaning service providers for this easy task.

Cleaning Procedure Of Range Hood:

The cleaning procedure of a range wood is widely vary from brand to brands; or even the types of kitchen hood model you use. But, in general

The Requirement:

Basic Needs:

  • Hot water with baking soda.
  • Grease removal liquid or spay.


  • screw un-mounting tool.
  • Hand gloves (Optional).
  • Paper towel.

How To Remove Range Hood Filter?

First, power off the range completely. Most of the range hood (ducted and non ducted) filters are very easy to remove. Just push it in an upward direction, slightly inclined it & detached from the range hood.  

Pro Tips:

 Every time you clean the hoods, must un mount the grease accumulator panel. In Ducted range hoods it installed long side wall. Use any plastic or silicon brush to drain out all the oil.

Clean it manually either submerge it in hot baking soda water, or use any non-toxic grease removal spays.

How To Clean Range Hood Filters Manually?

Step 1:

Arrange a leak & thermal proof big mouth container. This can be bucket, BPA free plastic or silicon or a casserole, make sure it must have enough space that the filters will be completely submerged under it. Fill the container with hot soapy water.

One table spoon (1-tb) soda for 2L -2.5 liter water is the perfect solution.   

Step 2:

Take the filter horizontally & sub merge it under water solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Horizontally placement required less amount soapy water solution. So, you can save some baking Soda.

However if the container mouth is not bigger than the filters “Area” (width * length) then extra solution may required.

Step 3:

Use any medium hard plastic brush & scrub on it to remove all the remaining grease residues.  

Step 4:

It’s time to lift out the filters from the solution; and dry it completely. Now it’s completely ready for attachment.

How To Clean Range Hood Filters In Dishwasher?

To get best result you need to follow the above 3 steps may be for step 2 it required 5-10 minutes. Then place the filters in dishwasher for hot cycling.

Not all filters are perfectly clean if you directly place it under dishwasher. Few one has very small hole on it, you have to go for manual brush scrubbing.

How To Clean Range Hood Duct?

Un-mount the duct pipe extension from range hood. Vertically lay it down on kitchen sink to pass out the stored grease. Use any paper towel to remove the extra resides.

Take soft cookware cleaning pad & hot soapy water & scrub the pipes to make it completely oil free. However you can use degreaser sprays instead of hot soapy water; but, the former one gives better result as compared to later one.

How To Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan Grease?

Separate the blades from the motor portion. use any degreaser spray & rub it finely. then pour the blades under hot baking soda water. Keep it for 5 to 10 minutes, sue any rubber or silicon brush & gently scrub the blades (source).

In case of cleaning the exhaust motor; Don’t Submerged It Under Any Water Or Solution. Use grease removal spray’s and rub with plain cotton towel, it will completely degrease the motor.

How do you clean a La Germania range hood?

Here is how you can clean the La Germania rage hood models.

Here is how you can clean the La Germania rage hood motor.

How To Clean Under Cabinet Range Hood

Please check this video

How To Clean The Inside And Outside Of A Range Hood? (The Surface Portion)

Use any grease removal spray to clean it off; otherwise if you are planning to clean it with hot soda water then you have to un-mount it from the cabinet wall & Separate the motor.

Now you can wash it with cookware cleaning pad & hot soapy water.

When & How Many Time Should I Clean My Range Hood Filters?

If you are cooking under the range hood for daily basis; then you need to clean the filters & grease accumulator panel at least 4 times in a year.

Moreover, these cleaning repetition can also be increase; if you are cooking high fat foods or making deep fries, cleaning repetition may required once in every two month.   

In general cleaning required to maintain the functionality. Sometimes grease malfunction the exhaust work & clogged the motors. If feel the motor is sound so loudly, then cleaning is oblivious requirement  

 If you are cooking on regular basis then may be twice or thrice in a week then 1/2 times per year is enough for you.


Does vinegar cut grease?

Yes, vinegar can clean grease surface. just immerse a sponge under vinegar & rub it on greasy surface it will completely remove the grease.

If you are cleaning your stainless steel range wood surface the just spray the vinegar (pore the vinegar in a spray bottle & use it as a natural degreaser) & rub with sponge pad.

The hood surface will be instantly shining. Don’t use it on any painted surface, otherwise the pain will be completely damaged.

Is It Safe To Mix Vinegar And Dawn Dish Soap?

Yes it is safe. You can use this not only for range hood cleaning but also use can clean greasy stove cover, kitchen wall, etc.

What is the best homemade degreaser?

Best homemade degreaser is vinegar solution. To make this solution more effective you can use dish soap with vinegar.

Final Touch:

We are trying to cover as much as crispy brief to the point answer. I hope get every all the information on how to clean range hood filters, duct, exhaust fans. If like this content please share it on your social media account.

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