Best Instant Pot Lemon Chicken Recipe With Rice, Garlic-2020

Instant pot lemon chicken with garlic recipe

Instant pot lemon chicken recipe is always my favorite healthy recipe. It’s very easy to make; even you can customize the chicken with various veggies, pasta and rice also. The butter chicken in the cooker recipe will not gives you the paleo flavor. Off course this recipe is not solely dedicated to paleo instant pot garlic chicken. But, I will share in the last how to make the paleo lemon chicken in instant pot with small tweak. 

The whole recipe time of slow cooker lemon butter chicken is takes somewhere around less than 30 minutes. If you add garam masala with this recipe then you will get a charming delicious aromatic flavor; at a first time when you open the instant pot. Also the other aromatic spices garlic, garlic, onion make the recipe very delicious one.   

What Are The Basic Ingredients Required For The Instant pot Lemon Chicken Recipe With Garlic?

The basic ingredients are chicken thighs or breast, garlic, olive oil, salt less butter, salt, lemon juice & lemon zest, onion, chicken broth, thyme, black pepper, potatoes. Lemon juice & zest are citric in nature that helps to digest even those foods, which have very high amount of fat content.

The boneless chicken breast contain highest amount of protein percentage that helps to maintain the mussel tissues, lower down the body fat. Lemon chicken thigh is very good when you are planning to make the paleo recipe.

Thyme asparagus both veggies are very good for our health, this is also very good source of fiber which helps to boost the metabolic rate of our stomach. The garlic, ginger onion are the aromatic spices which has lots of medicinal property & contain anti oxidant property. Onion helps to maintain the body temperature; all this three spices protect our immune system and enhance the body immunity power. read more for know the health benefits of ginger– garlic, onion.

I think everyone know the health benefits of consuming the  olive oil. However, if you like to read more about the benefits of olive oil then simply you can read from here. Actually black pepper has lots of benefits & it also makes dishes a bit more spicy. Black pepper are adding little bit heat in the recipes which is very much lower than the red chilies.



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