Is Aluminum Cookware Safe For Daily Use?(Best Guide-2020)

IIs Aluminum Cookware Safe

It’s very important topic to clarify- Whether or not aluminum cookware’s are safe to use on daily basis? Our detail research based answer is pure aluminum cookware un-safe for our health; and, it’s not safe for daily uses. The aluminum pots and pans are highly reactive with acidic foods; and, instantly developed an oxide layer on inner-upside layer.

I hope you know that aluminum leaches the minerals and flavor in foods; but, how it happens?

As we know this metal is very soft in nature, that’s why, when we uses the utensils (especially metallic utensils) for tossing the foods its create several scratches on pans or pots. According to FDA & WHO the daily consumption of aluminum must be less than 2mg/kg.

Moreover, this metal also has body resistant power. So, if you are using the aluminum cookware’s in daily basis for long time, you might faces the Alzheimer’s dieses. In addition, aluminum can also create several neuro-diseases; and, it’s also act as a neurotoxin if any how it reaches to human brain (Source).

Most of us know that maximum soft drinks are citrus in nature; any soft drinks stored in an aluminum container can inject (Al) mineral in our body.

The amount of mineral leaching is totally depends on foods, cooking temperature and, what types of utensils you are suing for meal preparation. Please read the picture to understand the concept relation between aluminum content in foods and how temperature can increases or decreases the aluminum leaching in foods (image source- Link).

Aluminium leaching amounts

However the thermal conductivity of aluminum is super high unlike stainless steel; because of that, it deliver uniform thermal distribution facility. No rusting problem unlike the cast iron, in other word it’s hard-anodized aluminum is better alternative of cast iron for daily purposes; especially if you living on hot and humid area (equatorial region).

Is Aluminum Core Cookware Safe To Use?

Yes, the aluminum core cookware are safe. There are different kinds of aluminum cookware available in the market like-

These four types of cookware has different pros and cons; and its usability, utensils friendliness is totally different. 

Types Of Aluminum Cookwares, Which One Is Safe For Daily Uses?

There are two types of aluminum cookware one is cheap pure aluminum, not safe for daily uses; and, another one is hard anodized aluminum pots and pans, that is safe for daily uses.

Everything About Hard-Anodized Aluminum Cookware:

Basically, it’s one of the most popular cookware that present in maximum America’s house kitchen and restaurants. It’s really help us, to cook healthy food with no to very little amount of oil content. In manufacturing, process the aluminum cookware is immerse into the sulfuric  acidic solution. After that, the electron flows though the metal (at 32F and current 30-300 amp/m^2); the process takes time nearly 30 minutes to 1 hours.

There are 2 types of hard anodized cookware as per Military Specification Standard one is Non-Dyed and, Dyed (For more please read from (wiki).

Moreover, the durability of hard anodized cookware’s are awesome; it more than 3 time stronger as compared to normal aluminum pots or pans; similarly, more harder than the stainless steel.

There are many upsides and downsides are associated with the like-

  • It’s not friendly with metallic utensils.
  • Few cookware’s are dishwasher safe; but, for long time it can decreases the durability.
  • Completely free from any hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. It’s a harmless non-stick cookware.
  • Doesn’t create any health issues.

How To Reduce Aluminum Health Risk?

These are the few steps if you can follow, it can reduce the health problems.

  • Avoids metallic utensils it directly scratches on the pans or pots. Use wooden or silicon utensils.
  • No cooking at high temperature.
  • Don’t wash it under dishwasher.
  • Avoid any citrus food cooking and, most importantly don’t use aluminum dishes on daily basis.


I have cover as much as we can in this short brief discussion; and hope you get your answer of the question “Is aluminum cookware safe to use or not for daily basis?”. However, if need more information I will add to this content please comment bellow; I will be happy to answer you.

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