Lemon Butter Chicken Recipe-Updated

lemon butter chicken recipe

This awesome lemon butter chicken recipe food can make dinner so delicious,  actually with some little twice in the ingredients you can make many different kinds of testy lime chicken.

You can make this recipe with most delicious lime flavor butter chicken sausage (creamy flavor) or without sausage (non-creamy).

Creamy lemon chicken recipe is made by fatty cream; low fat healthy cream is recommended. It maid from coconut milk or from dairy one; but, without sausages butter chicken with spinach carrot & green beans are also testy. Moreover it is more healthy compare to the creamy flavor chicken.

The 1st recipe procedure is- one-skillet lime chicken & I will also gives you the recipe formula of grilled one. The recipe takes almost no time for marination; within 30 minutes the plate is ready for gives you the delicious flavor of the lime chicken with butter. Most importantly there is nowhere in this recipe capes have been used.

The Ingredients Required For Lemon Butter Chicken!

chickens pieces, ginger & garlic, asparagus, low fat cream, salt, corn flower for coating, olive oil, butter, lemon juice & lemon zest, chicken broth, red onion, spinach, carrot

& last but not in the list the egg white.

The ginger, garlic ingredients are comes under the aromatic herb category, that provide nice aromatic flavor to the recipes with exotic smells. Beside that this herb also has lots of health benefit protect & boost our immunity power.

Please read more about this topic from ncbi , you can also try to read it from hear.

Another interesting fact is oregano’s, lemon, spinach, ginger, garlic all this herb has antioxidant and many of them has anti inflammatory property. Carrot and spinach has lots of fiber & lemon also has the acidic property, that means you have not to worry of the digestion problem even if you testing creamy lemon chicken recipe.  

How To Make Lemon Butter Chicken Recipe?

Creamy lemon chicken recipe with veggies:

I have made lemon butter chicken breast recipe with veggies because it is more healthy. First of all, take a two-pound boneless skinless chicken breast, prepare the basic marination mixture one egg white, half teaspoon ginger, garlic powder, dried oregano, black pepper, paprika, salt.

Then massage the chicken with the marination mixture & keep it for 5 minutes. You skip this 5 minutes also it does not impact very much of the final test of the recipe.

Now sprinkle the corn powder if you don’t have this one, you can you can try any white flour. Add olive oil to the skillet near one table spoon & fried the chicken.

Times comes to prepare the soup & veggies. Add two tablespoon non-salty butter & one tablespoon olive oil, & big chopped red onion & four to six garlic cloves fried for 1 to 2 minutes then add the chicken broth, lemon juice & lemon zest, low-fat cream is optional, helps to make the lemon butter chicken sauces properly, I have added only four tablespoons.

Now add the veggies & chicken cook for 5 to 10 minutes; then pour the skillet under the baking oven. Bake it for 10 to 15 minutes at 425 F, the recipe is done.   

Grilled lemon butter chicken:       

Here I have made lemon butter chicken thighs, with skin, no cream I have used here. First prepare the marination, as described above, only don’t use any kinds of flour (even  the corn flour). Fried the chicken drumsticks in the butter for 5 minutes & keep side the chicken & add fine chopped garlic cloves & ginger, chicken broth, lemon juice, carrot, chicken drumsticks & spinach & pour it into under the baking oven & grilled it for 10 minutes. The lemon butter chicken thighs is ready for the platters.

Chicken Thighs Or Chicken Breast Which One Is Better For this Testy recipe?

There is no doubt about the chicken thighs or drumsticks are more testy; and roasted lemon butter chicken thighs are awesome in test. But, you can use skinless boneless chicken breast to make butter chicken with spinach that is more healthy compare to the lime flavor butter chicken thighs.

lemon butter chicken breast
lemon butter chicken thighs

What Can We Take With The Healthy Lemon Butter Chicken?

There are tones of option available for you, you can take-

Mixed vegetable Basmati rice, the veggies you can use cauliflower, broccoli, green or red bell pepper,

Lemon-rice: This is also a good option with roasted lemon butter chicken.

Noodles or pasta, but you need to make the pasta with the lemon chicken sauce recipe, just before inserting the skillet into the baking oven just add cooked pasta to the creamy lemon chicken, & bake as it is for 10 minutes; the lemon past chicken is ready.        

Salad, this is another healthy option, roasted lemon chicken with salad is awesome combination. Generally this lemon chicken is dinner recipe, & you can take mixed salad (red onion, red bell pepper, carrot); lastly if you want to consume the leftover lemon chicken butter at lunch time you can take the green salad with cucumber, green bell pepper, avocado.     

Is It Good Idea To Cook These Chicken in a Slow Cooker Recipe Style?

 yes you can make so slow cooker lemon butter chicken with veggies but, I must less you try to avoid the creamy part, fried the chicken as its, mentioned above.

put the baked chicken, butter veggies with chicken broth into the slow cooker set the temperature 200F & cook it for more or less 1 hour & the slow cooker butter chicken with lemon is ready.

here is the suggested video for you-

What Can I Do With Leftover Lemon Butter Chicken?

You can store the chicken for 48 hours, its completely safe. even you can take out the chicken & make completely new dishes like lemon butter chicken salad,  or lemon chicken pasta, roasted veggies with chicken.

There are tones of copy cat recipes just search in the Google search result; type lemon chicken Pinterest recipe, you will get a tone of ideas to use the leftover chicken, to make a completely new recipe.         


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