Do you Really need to grease a pie pan?

Many people have many different opinion. few prefers pre-greasing and few don't

The answer is yes! If you are using a non-stick tin made, aluminum or ceramic coated pie pan, you must grease it before adding your pie crust. 

However, if you're baking a pie on glass or Pyrex plates and a 100% ceramic-made pan, you don't need to grease it

 The best way to grease a pie pan

There are a few different ways that you can grease a pie pan. One way is to using butter or vegetable ghee

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-Vegetable fats/oils are the best greasing option for the pan and as well as the crusts.

-Vegetable fat like 'Vegetable Ghee/ Dalda' is beneficial for pie baking. 


One more tip! Use extra-virgin vegetable fats/oils in the crust; vegetable ghee is that type of fat. These fats get solid in colder temperatures.


If you are using a aluminum or stainless steel pie pan, fail to grease your pie pan, there's a good chance that the crust will stick to the pan

Why is it important to grease a pie pan

Hey, if you are greasing using cooking sprays, then please check whether it’s free from dimethylpolysiloxane, diacetyl and propellants or not

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