Types Of Bundt Pans. Update in 2023

Bundt cakes feature intricate patterns and donut-esque shapes that act as part of the delicious meal. However, you need a good bundt pan to bake these stunning cakes.

Bundt pans are identifiable by sculpted sides, round shapes, and a trademark hole at the center.

These pans are available in various sizes, materials, and shapes. Here is an exclusive review of the types of bundt pans, categorized by material size and shape.

Types Of Bundt Pans

Based On Bundt Pan Material

The construction material of the pan is the main feature to consider when searching for a bundt pan.

The material it is made of will establish the ease in which the cake releases from the mold, how evenly it bakes, and how you should care for it. Read on as we dive deeper into aluminum, ceramic coated, cast iron, silicone, glass bundt pans.

1. Aluminum Pan

Aluminum has been a great material used in constructing Bundt cookware since they entered the baking industry in the 1960s.

The material has since maintained its popularity and remains one of the commonest available bundt pans for its strong and sturdy construction.

Since aluminum is a great heat conductor, baked bundt cakes on an aluminum pan come with an even finish.

In contrast, aluminum bundt pans have a non-stick surface; the pan will need flouring and greasing to release the cakes intact without sticking.

2. Ceramic Coated Pan

The ceramic coating gives this bundt pan a non—stick surface that easily releases the cake after baking and a classy look.

The non-stick feature is the most significant when baking bundt cakes and makes the ceramic-coated bundt pans one of the best.

However, you should take care not to scratch the nonstick coating. So you should treat it with utmost care.

Instead of using the dishwasher, you should hand wash the pan for prolonged life and avoid using sharp and metal utensils on the pan.

3. Silicone Pan

The tricky part of having an amazing-looking bundt cake to blaze your family and friends is pulling it out of the pan intact. A bundt pan made of silicone is highly flexible and popular to release a cleanly baked cake.

However, the property that makes it excellent in releasing a clean cake is sometimes criticized for being more unstable than other construction materials.

Silicone bundt pans bake less evenly, but on the brighter side, silicone pans are available in many marvelous colors and are dishwasher safe, making them very easy to clean.

4. Glass Pan

For bakers who are doubtful of the manufacturer’s claim about the non-stick coating on other pan’s material, there are available glass bundt pans.

The glass material is durable, easy to clean, bakes evenly, and you can easily see the cake rising as it bakes.

However, sufficient greasing and flouring are required to achieve a clean cake release from a glass bundt pan.

5. Cast Iron Pan

The trend for cast iron cookware is not only for skillets. Bakers who love cast iron can extend their love to the cast iron bundt pans. These types of pans produce browned evenly baked cakes.

These types of the pan are made of cast iron and do not grease for a clean release like the other types of pans.

But you should ensure to follow the standard care tips for cast iron cookware, such as avoiding using a coarse material when washing the cast iron bundt pan.

Based On Bundt Pan Sizes

In the same case where bundt pan comes in different materials, they are also available in different sizes. The most common bundt pan sizes include mini, 6-cup, and 12-cup bundt pans.

On this note, it is always essential to check the manufacturer’s label on the bundt pan size and ensure you get the size that matches up with your recipe size and pan size.

6. Mini Bundt Pan

Many bakers adore the mini bundt pan and are one of the favorites for many. The pans often resemble cupcake pans with six bundt molds on each pan.

They are also available as single molds made of different materials discussed above.

Mini- bundt pans make bigger cakes in various designs than a standard cupcake. Therefore, the cakes might be large enough to share based on your audience.

7. 6-Cup Bundt Pan

If your baking occasion does not require a full-sized cake, the 6-cup bundt pan is a perfect option for you.

The pan is 7.5 by 3 inches, making it a great medium-sized cake. One of the incredible features of this 6-cup bundt pan is that you can use it to make a cake in the electric pressure cooker.

8. 12-Cup Bundt Pan

If you are looking to bake a bundt cake to feed many people, the 12-cup bundt pan is what you require. This traditional bundt pan is ten inches in diameter and 3.5 inches high.

So, if you occasionally receive several family members or friends that you want to please with your baking skills, this is the perfect pan for you.

Bundt Pan Shape

Finally, let’s review the favorite feature for most bakers; the shape of bundt pans. The main distinctive feature of a bundt cake is the elegant crevices and grooves that adorn its surface.

These complex patterns are made using the shape of the bundt pan. The different types of bundt pans by shape include;

9. Floral Bundt Pan

The floral-shaped bundt pans are a great choice when preparing spring cakes. The cake’s center hole serves as the flower’s center, with the flower petals spilling out across the sides of the cake.

You can choose a bundt pan with the shape of a magnolia flower, a flower blossom, or a rose flower.

10. Traditional Bundt Pan

The traditional bundt pan features the most classic bundt pan shape. The pan features a round shape with wide rounded vertical flutings nestled between sharp, narrow vertical flutings.

The bundt cake will bake a cake that will give you memories of the serving from your grandma. If nostalgic and vintage are your styles, you won’t go wrong with having one of this traditional bundt pan.

11. Swirl Bundt Pan

This fun-filled swirl pan is a twist on the traditional bundt pan shape. The shape features flutings originating from the center of the cake in a stylish swirl.

Some swirl pans can also come with rounded flutes that vary in the gradation of their swirl pattern. This is one of the stylish bundt pans you can get.

12. Chiffon Bundt Pan

You most probably would not imagine a cake adorned with elegant ruffles. Surprisingly, this is exactly what a chiffon bundt pan provides.

This festive cake shape features an evocative of a loyal bunting wrapped across the town square screaming Americana.

It is recommendable to utilize a chiffon bundt pan to bake a berry topped cake that is excellent for a summer backyard barbeque.

13. Vintage Star Bundt Pan

The vintage star shape is another stunning type of bundt pan. This remarkable shape features overlapping points that are flogged out like a star.

With this pattern, a vintage star bundt pan generates a geometric cake with extensive visual interest that does not require some glaze drizzle or powdered sugar dusting.

14. Jubilee Bundt Pan

The next popular type of bundt pan is the jubilee shaped pan. The shape includes an elegantly intricate diamond pattern imprinted into the side of the cake.

If you observe, you will be enchanted to see a heart pattern made by the diamonds. The jubilee bundt pan is certainly a show-stopper!

15. Castle Bundt Pan

While most of the bundt pans we have reviewed feature an elegant, geometric design, this is not the case with this castle bundt pan.

As the name suggests, imagination goes wild in this castle-shaped bundt pan that features a brick castle wall, a gate, and towers.

This wonderful bundt pan will surely remind you about the sandcastles and carefree, imaginative play.

This type of pan will be great for your child’s birthday or if you want to allow your inner childhood spirit to be free for a day.

16. Stained-Glass Bundt Pan

If you are searching for a superb bundt pan, the stained-glass shape is a perfect option for you. The bundt pan derives its inspiration from stained glass windows and will surely upgrade your baking game to advanced levels.

This pan features concentric geometric shapes that rise vertically from the pan edges to the center hole.

However, featuring lots of crevices and grooves, you should ensure to grease the pan sufficiently to achieve the best results.

17. Holiday Wreath Bundt Pan

Last but not least is the sensational Holiday wreath bundt pan. This pan is a seasonal favorite for holidays that will make the cake to warm your home with holiday cheer.

The bundt pan has a pinecone-studded wreath shape that is topped with a bow. For the best result and to make the cake pop, use powdered sugar to dust the cake, accentuating the wreath pattern.

How Do I Choose a Bundt Pan?

Today, there are lots of bundt pans that vary in material, size, shape, and decorative elements. This makes it challenging to determine the best pan for you. Here are some tips and recommendations on choosing a bundt pan.


When looking for bundt pans, you will find everything from glass, metal to silicone. However, aluminum is the most recommendable option because of its even heat conductivity. Silicone pans are known to release the cake, but it is unstable, meaning it will not hold the decorative shape. For the best result, go for light in the color aluminum pan to prevent the pan from over-browning.


Regardless of your budget, there is a range of bundt pans that will fit into your budget and your baking needs. Most pans are available in the price range of $5 to $30. You can find less sturdy and small bundt pans for less than $10 and the extravagantly designed pans for over $30.


While handles are not a significant feature, they can make a huge difference when using the pan. Because bundt pans come in awkward shapes, the presence of convenient handles can make it seamless to handle the pan and remove the cake from the oven.

Shapes and Designs

When selecting a design, bundt pans come in endless designs. Whether you will be looking for a plain design, a pan with flowers, swirls, or even holiday-themed decorations, you will readily find one that fits your needs.

However, remember that the more crannies and nooks a pan has, the more likely the cake will stick.

Non-stick coating

Featuring many crevices and cracks, bundt cakes are known to stick on the pan. This is why you should find nonstick pans that easily release the cake.

However, you will still require to grease the pan adequately to ensure it remains well seasoned.

How To Care for Your Bundt Pans?

Bundt pans come with odd shapes, making them hard to clean, particularly complex or baking a cake that sticks. However, you need to keep your pan clean for the best service and durability.

The secret to achieving a completely clean bundt pam is cleaning it as soon as possible before the cake residues do not stick in the pat harder.

Because your cake will require a cooling-off before you apply the elegant icing, take this time to clean the pan.

Start by using a paper towel to wipe any loose cake crumbs. The next step is soaking the pan in steaming warm water and dish soap. If your bundt pan is nonstick and non-dishwasher safe, clean it with a little amount of gentle dish soap and some baking soda.

Based on how dirty your pan is, soak it for about thirty minutes. Then lightly scrub the pan with a toothbrush or baby-bottle brush that easily gets in the corners and crevices of the pan.

Even if your pan is dishwasher safe, it is recommendable to hand wash it to prevent damage and prolong its life. Store the pan upside down to prevent dust from accumulating in the crevices.

Sticking on the pan is another common problem when baking on a bundt pan. To ensure you don’t damage the nonstick surface of your pan, avoid using metal utensils, abrasive sponges, and dishwashers on your pan.

Handwashing is the best way to care for your bundt pan. Also, using the right type of grease and greasing the pan sufficiently before baking will go a long way in maintaining your bundt pan in proper condition.


There you have it. Bundt pans are available in a wide range of distinct choices. Hence, it is essential to understand the options because the bundt pan’s material, size, and shape will all affect the cake outcome.

Regardless of the material of your bundt pan, always ensure that you grease the pan well in all the crevices to get a clean cake release and an elegant presentation that displays whichever intricate design you have selected.

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