Most people often seem confused about the cookware's durability and wonder if it is safe to go in the oven and broiler?

The manufacturer will indicate if the ramekins are oven-safe on the package and online product description

Generally, the manufacturer signs in the bottom, indicates whether the ramekin is oven safe or not.



Most ceramic ramekins can handle oven heat.

If I'm Not Wrong

The are various types Of ramekins available in the markets.

Ceramic ramekins

Porcelain ramekins

Pyrex ramekins

And Many More


-Ceramic ramekins are also microwave or oven safe. -Maximum oven safe temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

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-The glazed porcelain ramekins are not only oven-safe. They are also dishwasher and freezer safe. -You can use them for baking, serving, and reheating food.

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-Pyrex ramekins can go un the microwave, although we need to monitor the process carefully.  -At extremely high heat can damage the material.

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Ramekins are excellent for preparing French onion soups, Crème Brulle, pre-portioned meals, and molten lava cakes.

-Ramekins are broiler-safe or not that depends on Manufacturing materials.  -The manufacturers  stated on the packaging or product description how much oven or broiler-safe they are.

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It is not recommendable to exceed the oven safety temperature. because it can damages your favorite bakeware, such as warping and melting

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