Harvard Researchers Find Out How Global Worming Create The ages of reptile!!!!!!- Shocking information

Harvard Researchers recently Publish that how blobal worming triggered the evolutions of reptiles nearly 60 millions years ago

Climate shift was occurred due to global worming  in between 265 millions to 230 middle Triassic  age

Climate shift causes of two mass extinction In middle Triassic  age 86% animal species was eliminated

The scientists created a dataset of 1,000 fossil specimens from 125 species of reptiles, based on extensive data collection. 

"The physiology of organisms is really dependent on their body size,” said Simões, “small-bodied reptiles can better exchange heat with their surrounding environment"

"The much larger ancestors of crocodiles, turtles, & dinosaurs could not lose heat as easily and had to quickly change their bodies in order to adapt the new environmental conditions"

Lemon Honey Recipes Collect this data from scitechdaily and journal Sciences Advances, which publish this case study 19/August/2022