t's really very annoying to use a pan with sticky grease and residues 

->If You Don't Clean Them Properly, They Stick the Food Ingredients on Your Cookware. ->Some Sticky Greases Change the Food Test

Sticky, Burnt Polymerized Oils Never Come Off So Easily with Regular Soaps & Hot Water........

So What's The Solution?

Removing the sticky grease residues from pans is not a difficult task. I don't know why people make it complicated.

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You can't apply the same technique to all different types of cookware. 

You must need to know which solution is best for what types of pans.

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Now three ways you can clear these cloggy greases,  ->Using baking soda ->Using bar keepers friend ->Using vinegar. 

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Vinegar solution solely can't break or dilute these sticky greases, but it's effective for removing the burnt food residues. 

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You can go with commercial sticky grease cleaners.  But, Teflon pan users must avoid these types of products. 

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In my opinion, baking soda & barkeeper friends are the best de-greaser 

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