Best Winflo Range Hood Reviews In 2020

Winflo Range Hood Reviews

There is no doubt the importance of range hoods are as essential as stoves & cookware’s in the kitchen. Whether you are a culinary artist or a homemaker, you must need an exhaust hood. Winflo range hoods can really remodel your hustle through its excellent ventilation power & contemporary appearance.

This brand is mainly famous for manufacturing robust quality stylish wall mount & island range hoods; but, they also have few under cabinet hood units. Check out our 7 Best Winflo range hood reviews content it really helps you to choose perfect Winflo hood to remodel your kitchen.

Most of these hoods are a bit more pricy, but they will really impress you through their semblance structure & high suction power; lastly, every units are convertible to recirculating/non-ducted hoods.

It’s a 1-year-old story; when my friend Lynda moved to a new apartment with her one kid & husband. We did detailed research on the internet to purchase right chimney hood for her kitchen & we come up with 4 topmost brand Cosmo, Winflo & Zline, AKDY. She finally decided to go with Winflo & it works perfectly for her kitchen.

Top 7 Winflo Range Hood Reviews

1. Winflo W109C30W Under Cabinet Kitchen Hood

The W109C30W unit comes with 3 different colour white, dark black & grayish colour. This vent hood is really the best under cabinet unit from Winflo. Impressive European style slim patented design specifically made for the high ventilation system. Probably this the best under budget kitchen hood that comes with high suction power.

There are two exhaust place One in the top 7″ round duct & rectangular optional duct in on the rare side.

In case you are going to use it as a non-ducted hood, mostly streams & smells will expel through either the rare vent. It’s a 30 inches hood unit weight 14.55 pound.


  • The Exterior portion and grease panel are made with premium powder coating steel. It’s very durable & also has the potential to fight against scratches.
  • Two permanent aluminum mesh filters are dishwasher safe & also easy to maintain.
  • The robust quality motors have very impressive suction power. Produces 350 CFM airflow; which is enough potency to suck out all the smokes & cooking contaminants from middle to large kitchen room.
  • It comes with push-button & 3- stage fan speed controlling feature.
  • Though the motor is very powerful; but it produces low-level noise 5 sones.
  • Fully convertible to ductless, with WRHF004S2 charcoal filters; you need to purchase it separately.
  • All the installation hardware is included.
  • Two bright energy-efficient LED lights are mounted on the front side base area.


  • Fit within a compact space.
  • Lean contemporary appearance.
  • High exhaustion power.
  • Very affordable product.
  • One person easy installation.
  • Effortless maintenance.


  • There is no exhaust vent on the front side.
  • No carbon filter is included.

2. Winflo 30″ Wall Mounted Kitchen Hood

This hood is the perfect combination of modern masculine body & high tech efficiency. The flexible telescoping chimney fits within 7.5ft – 8.5ft ceiling height. Moreover, if you have a high ceiling kitchen you can purchase the extension part WRHCE01.

The lower part of the range hood looks like a ship with curved front & rear wall. Winflo construct the exterior body & filters with premium grade stainless steel.

That’s why, it’s fully rustproof, durable & also scratch-proof.

Completely crystal clear tempered glass cover split up the chimney and the base portion. This model is a 30″ wall mounted range hood unit with weight approximately 29 pound.


  • The duct vent is installed on the top of the hood, hidden under the chimney. For a non-ducted feature, you have to purchase the WRHF003S2 charcoal filter kit separately.
  • Five push buttons to control power connection, fan speed & lights.
  • Two sturdy baffle filters are easy to un-mount, perfectly trap greases & cooking odours. the minimalist effort required for cleaning.
  • Powerful motor produces 400 CFM. 3-level fan speed control and 5 push-button for easy maintenance.
  • The LED lights are placed on the rear side, a lower base portion, that illuminate soft bright lights to enhance the visibility.


  • Very easy to unmount the chimney hood into separate body parts.
  • Bold attractive appearance.
  • Effortless cleaning & completely dishwasher safe.
  • A durable unit within a budget-friendly range.
  • Comes with a reasonable price range.


  • At high setting air flow, this wall mount hood is quiet louder.
  • Need to put extra effort to trap out greases from the button cracks.
  • Chimney extension part is not included, need to pay extra for it.

3. Winflo W103C30D 30in Wall Mount Hood

If you are a fan of minimalist modern design, then you need to check the W103C30D kitchen hood unit. The robust functionality compacted within a simple-looking wall mount hood.

The chimney portion is rectangular pipe shaped with brushed finished design, where as the control panel area is deep slate color & filters are mirror finished.

It’s manual control exhaust hood, for enhancing the durability; while keeping the effortless maintenance.

It’s 30 inches hood which fully convertible to ductless with a WRHF003S2 carbon filter. This unit is only 22 pound, means very easily one person can install it. Moreover, Winflo will also provide maintaining hardware, flexible ductwork, damper, plug; so, no need to buy these separately.


  • The highly efficient motor has 400 CFM suction power; so, it easily exhausts out all the cooking contaminants, smokes & greases from the kitchen.
  • Full body is manufactured with highly durable & scratch-proof stainless steel. As a result, it’s completely rustproof.
  • The two set of baffle filters are easily trap all the kitchen odours; consequently, purify the kitchen environment.
  • The push-button operated fans have 3 different level speed control, low medium & high. You can set the speed level as per your need.
  • The ductwork is covered with the chimney. If you have high ceiling kitchen space (more than 9 ft) then you can purchase the chimney extension part # WRHCE03.
  • Two highly efficient LED bulbs are just mounted on the front side base area.
  • This model has other 3 variations, you can pick with mesh filter or even with stainless steel panel.
  • Generate 5 sones noise level, which is quite low.


  • The centrifugal powerful motors.
  • Telescoping adjustable chimney.
  • This hood unit is fully affordable.
  • It’s an ETL certified product.
  • The minimalist effort required for cleaning.
  • Baffle filters are easy to remove & dishwasher safe.
  • Classy appearance, enhance the kitchen beauty.


  • At maximum speed it noises loudly.
  • Charcoal filters are not included.


Which Range Hoods Are Quietest?

The Cosmo, AKDY, Broan, Zline, Pacific these range hood brands are produced quietest range hoods. Any range hoods that produce maximum noise level 65 DB or within 5 sones, you can consider these kitchen hoods come under the quietest range hood category.

What Type Of Duct Is Best For Venting A Range Hood?

The flexible duct pipes are the best option for the home kitchen; for venting a range hood. It helps in many ways especially if you have a plan for remodelling the hustle in future.

Less installation & maintenance expenditure, easy to relocate; flexible duct provides so many advantages that I can write a full article on it.

Range Hood Rigd Duct Work

But, If you have a larger kitchen don’t have a plan for re-modelling; or you are a restaurant owner want to install ductwork on your commercial kitchen; then must go with the rigid duct.

Stainless steel duct pipes are a one-time investment, they are very durable & rustproof; it might be a one-time investment but, you will get a high ROI.

Final Thought

Hope our analysis on Winflo range hood reviews, gives you enough clear envision for selecting the right units for your kitchen. The most likeable features according to us is ETL certificate, suction power, Contemporary looks, easy maintenance, the long warranty period.   

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